The President is claiming the election is “rigged.” And he ought to know. He’s the one trying to rig it, B. Jay Cooper writes.

First published in August 2020.

President Donald J. Trump swore an oath which says in part that he swears he “… will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Donald Trump, who has lied more than 20,000 times as President according to fact checkers, must read that phrase “to the best of my ability” to give him leeway as to how he preserves, protects, defends the Constitution. After all, he truly may be doing the job to the best of his (limited) abilities.

His latest lie/tactic is to say he won’t agree to a boost in funding for the Postal Service and then says that without that money the post office won’t be able to deliver absentee and mail-in ballots for the November 3 elections until, possibly, months later.

Because, he claims without facts to back him up, that the country’s secretaries of the state, for the most part have inadequate procedures in place to handle the extra millions of mail-in ballots that will occur this year because of the coronavirus. Trump has said, though that Florida can handle it well. The President now votes in Florida where he has a sycophant Republican governor.

And with that, he will claim, if he loses in November or whenever, that the election was rigged against him. We know this because he said it last week. Out loud. In front of a camera taping him. Polls show more Democrats are likely to mail-in their votes than Republicans. You do the math.

Let’s pass over for the moment his failures in office. Let’s just focus on the postal service.

This man who swore an oath and claims to be the “best president ever,” clearly is afraid to stand for reelection so the voters can give him a passing or failing grade.

This coward who, I’ll say again, repeatedly tells us he is the bestest of the best presidents, is afraid to stand for a fair election so the voters can reinforce his love for himself. Or not.

This buffoon who has given our allies the finger and our enemies a free pass even when they kill Americans or put bounties on our military’s heads is afraid to let the people prove him right. Or wrong.

This narcissistic grifter who says he has done the best job in the world battling the coronavirus, who boasts about the best testing anywhere, who says it’s the “China Virus” as if China came here and infected 5 million (so far) Americans and killed 170,000 (so far) now wants you to walk into a voting facility, stand in line with others – some of whom refuse to wear a mask because they think, as the President has told them, that the virus is a “Democratic hoax”and expose yourself and others to a possible death sentence in order to cast your Constitutionally guaranteed vote.

He is a walking, double-talking, lying conman who thinks only of himself (he’ll be voting absentee by the way).

Meantime, not only will ballots possibly be delayed or not counted depending on how states plan to handle the dilemma, the slowed down Post Office, through no fault of your mail carrier, also will be forcing a slow down in delivery of prescriptions to millions of Americans, primarily veterans and the elderly. Constituencies he thinks he can win.

Are he and his postmaster general intentionally taking actions that will make delivering the mail on time impossible? He says no, that Louis DeJoy, is a “smart man” but he (Trump), of course, has no idea what he’s doing over there at the Postal Service. Add that to his more than 20,000 documented lies since he’s been President. Remember when Trump told you he didn’t know if his personal attorney paid off a stripper who Trump “allegedly” had an affair with?

He’s not looking out for you or me or our vote or our Constitutional rights.

To my friends who support President Trump because he appoints conservative judges, claims to be a right to lifer, tells police they needn’t “be gentle” with accused in their custody, who supports cops who push an elderly veteran to the sidewalk because he’s protesting the murder by police of a man in custody of the police, who cages kids because their parents tried to give them a better, safer life, who names appointees who have no experience for their jobs. To those friends I say: it is your right to support him.

But he or you have no right to take anyone else’s vote away from them. None.

Now the White House is possibly sending signals that this whole episode may be a negotiating tactic by the President to get Democrats back to the negotiating table and so that he can agree to post office money so that he can get things he wants into the coronavirus assistance bill – like a tax cut “for the workers,” a delay in collecting the payroll tax and other things that make no sense in the current economy.

People need cash. In hand.

They don’t have accountants and lawyers like the President who have the luxury of time to find loopholes or cheat on their taxes. They need cash. Now. Their rent is past due. They can’t buy food to feed their families.

But who knows what this President is doing or what’s on his mind. I heard his chief of staff on CNN say the President will sign a standalone Postal Service bill. He claims the Democrats won’t do a standalone bill.

What happened to the greatest negotiator in the history of mankind? Yeah, you know, the one who hasn’t attended a negotiating session yet. Why can’t that guy get this logjam in the Congress resolved? I thought only he could fix it.

Don’t count on anything anyone in this Administration says is true. None of them.

There is a workaround, though, to get your ballot counted that is making its way around the Internet. Here it is:

  • Request a mail-in ballot;
  • Do not mail it;
  • Google your supervisor of elections to see where you can drop off your mail-in ballot. It’s usually not the polling place. And it’s not a mail box. It’s a box only for election ballots. All states allow this!
Simply drop off your mail-in ballot in a Ballot Drop Box. / Flickr – Cindy Shebley

Here is what you’re accomplishing by doing this:

  • You’re not relying on the postal service to get your ballot in on time, so no matter what, your ballot gets in on time;
  • You don’t have to worry about standing in long lines and risking infection. You’re just stopping by to drop it off. Often, you can drive up to the box and never leave your car to deposit your ballot.

Also, when you drop it off find out how, if you can, to track it online to make sure it is verified. California, Oregon, Washington Colorado have systems that can track your ballot just like tracking a package from Amazon.

As Trump likes to say, “believe me,” that’s how I’m delivering my ballot this year. But I mean the “believe me” part. He doesn’t.

The President is claiming the election is “rigged.” And he ought to know. He’s the one trying to rig it.🔷


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[This piece was originally published in The Screaming Moderate and re-published in PMP Magazine on 17 August 2020, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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