Donald Trump accepted his party’s nomination for reelection on Thursday night and spoke for 70 minutes. I didn’t count, but I would bet he averaged a lie every minute or two.

First published in August 2020.

I won’t list them all – actually I don’t think there was a new lie in the bunch – but he rewrote his presidency to, at a minimum, give him credit for ending a pandemic that has killed 180,000 of his fellow citizens and still is killing more today.

The Convention rewrote history by presenting Trump as empathetic, caring, a leader in the war for women to equal treatment in the workplace, the architect of the country’s greatest economy in history, a happy celebrant of swearing in immigrants, giving us the biggest tax cut of all time, fighting racism, a President who has “created millions of jobs”, and more.

Each one of that list is a lie. He didn’t do any of them.

Yet that is the record he wants to run on. Honestly, if he had that record to run on, I’d probably vote for him.

He does not have that record. It was one more “reality” show that wasn’t real.

Trump as a "happy celebrant" of swearing in immigrants? / Flickr – The White House

In fact, the only job he probably did create was “fact checker” which every major media outlet now has, thanks to him.

Did the convention work, giving him a bounce in the polls to begin to catch up to Joe Biden? If the polls are right that is. We’ll see in a few days.

The speech was probably more informative for the issues he did not mention – racism, cops being too quick to shoot black men and too blind or trusting enough (I guess) to stop a white male teenager walking down the street brandishing the long rifle he’d just used to kill two people.

I must admit, I did not see his entire speech so maybe I missed those parts. And I won’t be reading a transcript because... why?

He spent lots of time (as did several of his STAFF people who spoke at the Convention) talking about “Democrat cities” that are being managed badly thus they have protesters and looters roaming their street. He said if we elect Joe Biden, that will be everyday life, ignoring that this everyday life is occurring on his watch.

There is no doubt in my mind that the presidential race will tighten as we head to Nov. 3. Partly because Trump and his sycophants will continue trashing Biden with lies and partly because Biden is sure to make mistakes as he campaigns and talks more to reporters. That will allow Trump, 74, to brand Biden, 77, with being too old to govern.

"Republican" Convention or "Trump" Convention?

The Convention, overall, was produced well, considering they only had a few weeks to put it together. You have to wonder, though, if a central group of speechwriters wrote or edited the various remarks because the speakers, too, repeated many of Trump’s lies. I have to (want to) believe that not all those people are liars. But they lied from Monday through Thursday for Donald Trump.

The lying will get worse. It has to because without the lies, Trump would have to explain his inept response to the pandemic, his pushing away allies and cozying up to dictators and more his record of appointing people who don’t know what they’re doing to jobs they don’t know how to do.

As for his hand in creating a good economy pre-pandemic, he was handed off a good economy from Barack Obama and he didn’t muck it up. He did cut regulations, many of them created to protect Americans and some that were a legitimate obstacle to business. We probably won’t know the full story of how regulations, eliminated or rewritten, really have affected our lives. But those cuts did contribute to a positive economy.


He keeps telling people they should love him because, well, just look at your 401k’s and stocks! Except those people standing in long lines to get food don’t have enough money to feed themselves – clearly they don’t have 401k’s. But that kind of thinking fits right in with his daughter and White House advisor Ivanka’s “Find Something New” philosophy, telling folks to find jobs that don’t exist anymore under her dad.

We have the debates coming up and they truly will be interesting, especially to see the strategies each candidate uses. Will Trump continue to lie as he is fact-checked on the spot by Biden? Will Biden misspeak so Trump can point to how senile he is? Is Biden truly a closet socialist plotting with Bernie and AOC to change the country’s very existence?

Expect to see from the Trump side any picture of Biden with his hands on a child so they can continue the lie that Biden is a child molester. Expect to see photos used by Trump that will catch Biden in a moment of confusion (probably from some legitimately confusing act) to demonstrate that he has lost it.

For those us who are not supporting Trump, it will be cringe worthy as is every appearance by the President and it will be edge of seat as we watch to see if Biden can handle him or not.

The most important takeaway from this is – VOTE!🔷


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[This piece was originally published in The Screaming Moderate and re-published in PMP Magazine on 29 August 2020, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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