Whilst showing no compassion for people shot dead last week, Trump embraces street violence if it comes from young people who hero-worship him.

First published in September 2020.

President Trump’s fellow Republican, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, has been on the airwaves to champion “citizen soldiers”.

Presumably the senator meant people like 17-year-old Trump-supporter Kyle Rittenhouse, who crossed state lines from Illinois into Wisconsin with an assault rifle, which he used to shoot dead two anti-racism protesters in Kenosha last week.

The senator was explicit enough to CNN on Sunday: “Two people died because citizens took matters into their own hands. I’m not for vigilantism; I’m not sure that’s what was happening.

Now, President Trump has spoken about Rittenhouse, a high school dropout whose only discernible interests appear to have been Donald Trump, the police and guns. Mr Trump said Rittenhouse appeared to have shot dead two people in self-defence.

CBS News

Without even a tinge of compassion for the Americans who were shot dead, Mr Trump inserted himself into the middle of a deeply contested account and a case that is yet to be prosecuted and tried.

That’s wrong too. Just as much as the president’s espousal of violence on the streets, by young people who mistakenly hero-worship him.

So yes, Donald Trump is undoubtedly the commander-in-chief — but of “citizen soldiers”.🔷


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