Prepared to trash the international agreement that it has reached with the EU, the Government would be in a flagrant breach of international law and would turn the UK into a rogue state. The Tories can have Brexit, or they can have the UK. They cannot have both.

First published in September 2020.

When the Brexiters persuaded a majority of people in England to leave the EU, there were still hopes that the UK would remain closely aligned to the single market and the customs union. A reluctant Scotland might just have been persuaded to accept that. However now it looks like we’re facing the worst of all possible worlds.

We have the clown Johnson as Prime Minister, and his government is very clearly preparing the way for the no deal Brexit which now appears to be the most likely outcome of the talks between the UK and the EU. In October 2019 Johnson was telling us about how fantastic the deal was that he’d struck with the EU. Now he’s telling us he’s scrapping it.

This is the safety and security of the UK that was sold to us in 2014. This is the tragic lie that Scotland don’t leave us, lead us, has turned out to be. The UK is the pariah of Europe, the crazy fools of the planet, gibbering away about bunting and Dunkirk spirit as it sets fire to the future. Everything they told us was a lie.

Clown Johnson and his government very clearly preparing the way for the no deal Brexit which now appears to be the most likely outcome of the talks. / Flickr – Number 10

Remember this will be the easiest trade deal in the world? Remember Michael Gove telling us that no deal would be in no one’s interests? Johnson is attempting to paint this pig and sell it to the public as a “trade deal just like Australia’s”. That would be the Australia that doesn’t have a trade deal with the EU. Australia and the EU are currently in the early phases of negotiating a trade deal, but it will be several years before agreement is reached and deal is signed.

This is what Lying Bastert Johnson sold to the public in England in December as “an oven ready deal”. It bears the same relationship to an oven ready meal as some potatoes that have yet to be planted and an egg that’s yet to be laid bear to a chicken and chips dinner. In the meantime untold damage will be done to jobs, livelihoods, and opportunities, coming on top of the ending of the furlough scheme to support jobs during the pandemic and the havoc wrought by lockdown.

The Conservatives are hell bent on antagonising the entire EU and everyone who voted to remain. They’re going out of their way to troll Scotland. And they’re determined to put a bomb under the Irish Peace Process. All for their mythical sunlit uplands, their two world wars and one world cup, their cake with its cherries, their Dunkirk and bunting, their union flags plastered on everything while they lecture us about how much they hate nationalism.

In order to achieve this goal, the British government is even reportedly prepared to trash the international agreement that it reach with the EU to provide guarantees to Northern Ireland in order to secure the Peace Process. If true, it would be a flagrant breach of international law and would turn the UK into a rogue state which no other country can trust in negotiations. Why sign a treaty or an agreement with a UK which is quite likely to tear it up a few months later? The British government is a byword for bad faith. You think, this is insane. This is beyond any logic. This is alien to all reason. Surely they can’t be that callous, that contemptuous? But they are. Just look at the sneering jeering faces of the Conservative benches. They don’t care because it’s us who will suffer, not them.

Some apologists for the UK and the Conservatives are trying to lay the blame for this on Remainers, on the SNP and the Labour party for voting down Theresa May’s deal. Blame the victims for refusing a deal that would have seen the UK’s legs chopped off, because now the Tories are delivering something that cuts off our arms and our noses as well. It’s an abject lesson in how the British nationalists will always find some way of blaming Nicola Sturgeon for everything.

The next time some apologist for British rule in Scotland airly claims that a Scotland that walks away from the UK’s debt will never be trusted should be reminded of this, on blast. This is a UK that will never get a Free Trade Agreement with anyone, ever. Perfidious Albion lies as easily as it breathes. It is even prepared to risk peace in Northern Ireland, to rip up a treaty that was hard won and which has saved countless lives. The contempt oozes from every pore. The Conservatives don’t care about anything, except perhaps getting people back to work in order to protect Pret a Manger’s share price. They don’t care about Ireland. They don’t care about Scotland. They don’t care about Wales. They don’t care about ordinary people anywhere. We’re just pawns in their games. We’re just collateral to be damaged.

Scotland has had no say at all in any of this. The Scottish Government and the other devolved administrations have been marginalised, sidelined and ignored every step along the way. Often they’ve only found out what the British Government has been planning because they’ve read about it in the newspapers with the rest of us. This is what the Tories want us to believe is a union of equals, a respect agenda. They are liars. They are charlatans. They are cheats. They took Scotland’s No vote in 2014 and have proceeded to trash the chance that Scotland gave them. They’re trashing the devolution settlement, burning the union in a bonfire of their vanity. If you’re not angry, it’s because you’ve not been paying attention.

It’s hard not to come to the conclusion that is is what the lying mendacious Johnson and the glibly smug Gove always had in mind all along. To get us to here they lied, cheated, and deceived shamelessly and without a care for the consequences. Well there will be consequences. Watch as support for independence continues to grow in Scotland until it becomes a deafening clamour. The Tories can have their hard no deal Brexit, or they can have their precioussss union. They can’t have both. Scotland will not allow them to.

This is how the UK ends. It ends in deceit and lies. It ends in the smug smile on a self-satisfied Johnson’s face as he hums and haws, bumbles and fnaughs his way though a series of lies and fairy stories. It ends in the faux outrage of a Conservative MP who claims that the only reason the Labour party is in the wilderness in Scotland is because of the accent of its branch office manager.

Will the UK end in a smug smile? / Flickr – Number 10

It ends in the anger and disgust of millions of people in Scotland who are sick of being lied to, sick of being treated as fools, sick of the corrupt mendacity that passes for this British Government of incompetent charlatans. The Conservatives are heartless, clueless, senseless, and very shortly they will be Scotlandless too. We will not forget their lies. We will not forgive their deceit. We will not give up. A better Scotland, an independent Scotland, will emerge from the ashes of Brexit Britain.🔷


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[This piece was originally published in Wee Ginger Dug’s blog and re-published in PMP Magazine on 7 September 2020, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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