Off the back of rumours Boris Johnson is already planning his resignation in January (which may well be empty gossip), here are some slightly disjointed thoughts.

First published in September 2020.

In the current government, Johnson is a shell. No authority, no plan, no decision-making. The real power is the axis of Gove-Cummings.

But Gove must know he cannot be next. He has tried and failed twice. He is better (by his estimation) as a power behind the throne. So, although he is touted, I personally doubt it. Cummings will not survive if Johnson goes. A successor won’t tolerate him.

Opposite Corbyn, the Tory front bench could pick almost anyone. Opposing Starmer, they need somebody serious. If it happens fast, I would bet on Rishi Sunak. He is currently popular because he is “Captain Giveaway”. But very soon the bills need to be paid, and his lustre will fade fast.

So, if Johnson waits until around March 2021, Sunak’s time may have gone. From the remaining front bench, we have such a relentlessly weak and unpopular team it is hard to imagine the nation accepting any of them. Raab. Patel. Truss. Leadsome. Shapps. All voter-repellent trash.

This presupposes the British public will accept what will be, by then, the fifth successive PM to take office without winning an election. Times will be febrile a year into COVID-19, with (predicted) 10-12% unemployment, and Brexit gone badly wrong. It could collapse any government.

Is it Prime Minister Rishi Sunak next? / Instagram – UK Parliament

There is – I hate to use the word – more talent on the backbenches. But almost all of them are Brexit-sceptics with a history of saying No to the voters that count... the 0.5% of the electorate that are Tory members. Jeremy Hunt is the big beast, but I doubt they’ll accept him.

Where does this lead? It leads where almost all paths for the Tories are leading: a dead end. They survived a decade by lying, but here comes the truth, and it demands payment. Their time is up. They are exhausted and out of ideas. All 10-15-year governments end like this.

The problem for us – actual humans – is that they can hang on for years with an 80-seat majority, in power but not able to govern, lost, flailing, destroying at will, ineptly fronted by whatever useless halfwit miraculously falls over the line next time.

Happy 2021, everybody!🔷

Russell Jones, Blogger, Designer, Data Analyst.


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[This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article on 15 September 2020 with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected, and published with the author’s consent. | The author of the tweets writes in a personal capacity.]

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