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First published in October 2020.


Things that were not even an issue in 2019, but are the MOST ANNOYING THINGS EVER in 2020:

  • Having to tell Susan that she's on mute for the 4,000th time.
  • People just throwing their used face masks on the ground?!

The above photo was taken by volunteers Noelle and Antoinette, who contacted us asking for some litter-picking equipment so they could keep their local area clean.

Here are the legends.


In just one afternoon outside Doncaster Royal Infirmary, these ladies picked up hundreds of disposable face coverings.

We know how important these are in stopping the spread of #coronavirus, but PLEASE dispose of them responsibly and stop just dropping them.


To illustrate our point, we've used the wonders of modern technology to illustrate how Doncaster will look if people don't change their mask-dropping habits.

Here's 2021:


Here's what we'll be dealing with by 2022


And, finally, here is Doncaster in 2030 if we don't change.


Please, dispose of your face coverings responsibly.

Believe us, we don't bask in the task of asking about masks.


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