The popularity of German Chancellor Angela Merkel over her 15 years in power would definitely make Donald Trump jealous.

First published in October 2020.

On October 10, 2005, the results were in: Angela Merkel was to become German Chancellor at the head of a grand coalition of the CDU and SPD parties.

Her official appointment followed shortly afterwards, on November 9 and she became the first woman and the first East German to head the federal government.

How popular is Merkel in the present day, and how has this fluctuated during her time in office? In the first poll of the Merkel era, 72% of those surveyed were satisfied with her work. Voters were the least satisfied in July 2010, but the figure still remained above 50%. The highest level of satisfaction was in July 2014 when the polls hit an incredible 86%. The chancellor’s popularity has returned to similarly high levels throughout the coronavirus pandemic, with the most recent survey from September showing that 82% think the Chancellor is doing a good job.🔷

Popularity of German Chancellor Merkel over her 15 years in power. | Statista

[This piece was first published in Statista & written by Martin Armstrong, Data Journalist at Statista.]

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