British nationalism in Scotland has become risible, pathetic, and a bit of a joke, Wee Ginger Dug writes.

First published in November 2020.

This week, the Scotland Secretary Alister Union Jack, breezily asserted that his party, which hasn’t won an election in Scotland since the1950s, wasn’t going to ‘allow’ Scotland to have another independence referendum for possibly another 40 years. By which time Alister will be in his late 90s and most of those who voted against independence in 2014 will be as dead as the Johnson government’s claim to be a competent administration already is.

In response to this petulant denial of the right of the people of Scotland to decide their own future Nicola Sturgeon tweeted:

Twitter – @NicolaSturgeon

And this is unarguably true. It matters as little as Douglas Ross’s promises to stand up for Scotland against Johnson if Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond had sworn a solemn vow on the front page of the Daily Record on faux parchment paper that they would not seek another referendum until all the weans that Johnson admits to had weans of their own – which they most certainly didn’t but while certain BBC journalists seem happy to to propagate the myth that ‘once in a generation’ was an actual promise made by the Yes campaign or the SNP.

It was not a thing that actually happened. Yet even if it had happened it doesn’t matter because no politician in a democracy can bind the hands of the electorate. Yet that is exactly what the Tories are proposing to do, on the basis of a mere six chips seats in the House of Commons they are taking it for themselves the right to tell the people of Scotland what we can or cannot vote for. They are not, as they so misleadingly and mendaciously claim, holding the SNP to account, they are limiting the democratic right of the people of Scotland to choose the form of Government best suited to their needs.

And if that is indeed the case, then Scotland must ask itself if this really is a union because if we are to be forbidden from asking ourselves if we wish to remain in this so-called union then it is not a partnership in any meaningful sense of the term. It is a set of shackles on Scotland’s dreams and aspirations.

Surprise Surprise. Who should leap to the defence of the Tories denying Scottish democracy but the BBC’s very own, ahem, impartial political editor Laura Conservative sources tell me Kuenssberg. Well I say surprise. That’s surprise as in the Tories have outraged public opinion again, but to everyone’s surprise Baroness don’t call me baroness Davidson is nowhere to be found. Or surprise as in- to the immense surprise of the viewing public the Prime minister gave a speech during which he told numerous lies, none of which Laura called him out on.

The BBC’s ‘impartial’ political editor replied in a way which managed to miss the point entirely, saying: “One US politician making wild allegations about fraud is obviously not the same as another in the UK hardening their opposition to another kind of poll taking place which the UK government has the legal right to permit or not.” And here we see yet again the BBC uncritically repeating the attack lines of the Tories as though they were established facts. It is not a fact that Scotland can only have another vote on independence with Westminster’s consent. The only fact is that the lawfulness of a consultative referendum without a Section 30 order has never been legally clarified. And it is certainly the case that a Scottish plebiscite election on independence would absolutely be lawful. But you’d never know any of that from listening to the BBC.

A second referendum on Scottish independence. | Institute for Government

It is however a fact that the BBC is to opposition to Scottish independence as Fox News is, or rather was, to Donald Trump. Over the past couple of days even Fox News has been treating Trump’s claims with an appropriate degree of scepticism, We can only dream of the BBC ever doing the same with the anti-independence claims of British nationalism in Scotland. Trump had Fox News, the BBC is ForUKs News.

Meanwhile the favourite political comic of Tory Brextremism, The Spectator, responded to the legitimate claim that by denying Scottish democracy with a risible piece from Matt Kilcoyne, the deputy director of the Adam Smith Institute which used tactics direct from the Trumpian playbook to assert thait was Nicola Sturgeon who is not so different from Trump. The Adam Smith Institute is of course one of those shadowy right wing ‘think tanks’, which the BBC likes to trot out as neutral and objective whenever it publishes something which the Tories hope is damaging to the independence cause.

The article was exactly like a Trump speech, rambling exercise in self pity and victimhood claiming founded on baseless assertions an lies, such as the following claim: “For Sturgeon, there is no societal ill that cannot be blamed on the English. Just recently, she enjoyed claiming, without any evidence, that coronavirus was spread to Scotland in the summer by the plague-ridden English.” This is, as anyone who has been paying attention knows, complete and utter bullshit. The First Minister has resisted demands to close the border to visitors from England, and has never blamed outbreaks of the virus in Scotland on the English, but that doesn’t suit Matt’s victimhood seeking narrative. Clearly opponents of independence have adopted another tactic from the Trump playbook. They have given up trying to appeal to the middle ground and are now playing solely to their constantly shrinking base.

Now, I am just waiting for a Spectator article from Stephen Daisley telling us why a Biden presidency, or indeed a two for one offer on square slice in Morrisons means that it’s all over for the SNP. It was over for the Trump Presidency when the election was called for Biden just as Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani was giving a press conference in the car park outside the Four Seasons landscaping company in Philadelphia. Rudy stood in front of a chemical waste warning sign and uttered baseless lies that the American media has now resolved to ignore.

Would that the Scottish media were as willing to be sceptical of the claims of British nationalism. But no. Today we have the Herald warning us that Scotland can’t get rid of Trident and then go on to join NATO despite the fact that in the late 1970s Spain did exactly what Scotland is being told is impossible. Spain got rid of the American nukes at the US base in Rota near Cadiz and a couple of years later went on to join NATO naturally there was no mention of this clearly germane information in the Herald piece, which instead acted as an uncritical platform to amplify the claims of an opponent of independence. 2014 called, it wants its scare story back.

The Rise and Fall of Spain’s ‘Nuclear Exceptionalism’. | Singapore Management University

It transpires that Trump wanted the press conference in the Four Seasons hotel and had already tweeted out the location when the hotel refused to host the event and Trump’s staff desperately cast about for a way of saving the shameless one’s face. So, they settled on the car park of a run down landscaping shop in a seedy part of town, situated between an adult store selling dildos and a crematorium. It turned out to be a fitting end for Trump’s presidency, right next to one place where you can go and get f*cked and another where you go when you die.

British nationalism in Scotland is going the same way. It has become risible, pathetic and a bit of a joke which is unable to accept that the game is up.🔷

Wee Ginger Dug, also known as Paul Kavanagh. Blogger.


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