On one hand last week’s national elections produced unity because everyone was surprised at the results and on the other hand the elections produced disunity.

First published in November 2020.

Democrats are walking around with smiling question marks, Republicans are walking around with sighs of relief, and every Democratic and Republican pollster is either hiding from fraud scam busters or calling 911 for protection, all because white fear continues to reign supreme in America!!!

The blue wave that Democrat and Republican pollsters predicted would produce new Democratic House seats, a change from Republican control to Democratic control of the Senate and many state legislatures throughout America flipping from Republican-controlled to Democratic-controlled turned out to be a blue ripple. In the House, Democrats flipped 2 seats but Republicans flipped 8, in the Senate Democrats only flipped 2 seats and are looking to flip 2 additional Senate seats in the upcoming January Georgia runoff elections to create a 50/50 tie in the Senate, and the only state legislature to flip was New Hampshire going Republican not Democrat.

Stacey Abrams delivered the Democrat’s ONLY FLIPPED STATE Georgia and has the potential to deliver control of the U.S. Senate to Democrats with a another state-wide Democratic victory in the 2 Senate seat run-off in January. | Wikimedia

Democrats, Independents, and non-Trump supporters who all were looking to the November 3rd elections for a Republican shellacking and a wholesale rejection of Trumpian politics, were left with the consolation of defeating Trump the man but not the defeat of Trumpian politics. Democrats did experience one shinning victory beyond winning the White House thanks to the vision, tenacity, and grassroots organizing Stacey Abrams did and inspired, the state of Georgia flipped from red to blue by voting for Joe Biden, sending both of Georgia’s Republican-held U.S. Senate seats to the January 2021 runoff election against 2 Democrats, and flipping a red U.S. House seat to blue.

Democrats are smiling because they won the White House and there is a President-elect Biden, but they have serious questions about why they will end up with a net loss of Democratic House seats, and the only gains they made in the House were 2 open seats in North Carolina and 1 in Georgia, and in the Senate Democrats were expected to win control but flipped only 2 new seats from the 33 Republican Senators running for reelection, and not the 4 they needed to win control. Republican smiles are overshadowed by their HUGE sighs of relief because they came nowhere near experiencing the catastrophic losses that even their internal polls predicted would happen. This combined with the fact that the only flipping of state legislatures was 1 from blue to red and not the expected many reds to many blues has Democrats, Republicans, and everyone else asking why, disappointingly why, pleasantly pleased why, or just can’t figure it out why.

The answer is white fear, American White’s fear, white fear, of demographic change in America. It’s the white fear that causes American Whites to continue, as they have since Donald Trump entered politics, to lie to political pollsters. The political pollsters were all wrong because American Whites fear admitting their white fear, not because of faulty polling calculations. American White’s white fear not only will not allow them to admit their white fear, but the white fear also does not trust Democrats enough to turn over complete political control of America during a time of racial population transition.

Francesca Hong is one bright spot in the mostly dark night for Democratic state legislature gains, she has become Wisconsin’s first American Asian state legislator. | Twitter – @FrancescaHongWI

While Democrats can use some improved messaging such as Police Reform as opposed to Defund the Police or a more robust denial that support for Medicare-For-All is proof of socialist political intentions, the reason Democrats only won the White House, is because they have not created an environment where American Whites feel comfortable expressing their honest logical apprehension about an America with a racist discriminatory history, for the 1st time in American history, going from an American White majority to an American Colored majority without being accused of being racist or politically incorrect.

In an attempt to cater to the white fear of American Whites President Trump and Republicans have gone to the other extreme, by creating an environment that has made American white nationalists and white racists feel so comfortable surfacing and promoting their racist hate, that it too prevents American Whites from openly expressing their non-racist white fear out of concern of being associated with the white nationalist racist hate. But unfortunately, the Republican environment does give American Whites the option of secretly supporting and secretly voting for it because they feel the Republican environment, albeit racist, will protect them from the possible revenge of a new colored majority.

One message from the Nov. 3rd elections is clear, It Was the Economy Stupid, Now It’s the Demographics Dummy! The majority of the 80% of non-racist American Whites don’t care racially what color the new majority in America will be, which is why they voted for Biden/Harris, but they do care about the following two questions that they don’t feel comfortable expressing publically:

  1. How will the new colored majority treat the American white race and their history of discrimination against non-white Americans?
  2. What impact will the new majority have on existing American culture?

These are normal, logical, and above all else non-racist questions for American Whites to ponder. What turned white pondering to white fear is the feeling that the environment is hostile to these normal, logical, and non-racist questions. Currently, American Whites hear or see no answers to either of these questions in the political platform or the political rhetoric of Democrats. All they currently hear or see is a Democratic environment which appears hostile and politically incorrect to their logical non-racist pondering, or a Republican environment in which they can only hide their presence because to be public within it would associate their non-racist pondering with racist hate.

Kamala Harris. | YouTube – CNBC

Whether Democrats agree with this or not, this is a perception that they must dispel in order to gain the full trust of American Whites.

It’s incumbent upon Democrats to create a political environment that allows American Whites to freely and openly express their non-racist concerns, questions, etc. about the demographic changes occurring in the United States. For instance, amid all the appropriate rhetoric of eliminating systemic racism, it would be good for Democrats to remind American Whites that the biggest beneficiary of Affirmative Action is American White females.

It’s also incumbent upon Republicans to create an environment that allows American Whites to publically express their non-racist concerns, questions, etc. about the demographic changes without being associated with hate and racism because a future Republican environment restricts the expression and support for racism and hate. For instance, Republicans could stop supporting political leaders who say there are good people on both sides at a rally in support of white nationalism and racial segregation and oppression.

The louder and clearer message from Nov. 3rd is that HOPE can defeat white fear. The consciousness of American Whites rose within them to defeat the white fear in their minds of demographic change in America. American Whites knew in their hearts they could not allow what has happened for the last 4 years in the United States to continue, so the hope of their non-racist hearts made a compromise with the white fear in their minds, to elect the hope of a Democratic Biden to ultimately rule the day, combined with the Republican’s misguided flirtation with hate and racism as a fear check on Democratic power that’s hostile to the white pondering that turned into white fear, because of what Martin Luther King Jr. would refer to as “the language of the unheard.”🔷

Isaac Newton Farris Jr, Nephew of Martin Luther King Jr, he serves as Senior Fellow at King Center.


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[This piece was originally published in Isaac Newton Farris Jr’s blog and re-published in PMP Magazine on 17 November 2020, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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