Well, now, if nothing else, we know where Johnson and the Tories draw the line. It turns out that there are after all some outrages that they will not tolerate.

First published in November 2020.

It’s not the highest death toll from Covid in Europe, they’re fine with that. It’s not that they dole out lucrative contracts to their pals even as the UK suffers the greatest Covid-related damage to its economy of any state in Europe, they’re fine with that too.

It’s not even the dysfunctional farce that the test and trace system has descended into in England after the Tories farmed out the contract to some of their private sector pals. Nope, that is, apparently, just fine and dandy.

No, the real line of outrage that Boris Johnson will not tolerate anyone crossing is calling his girlfriend by a childish school playground name. That’s the moral atrocity that led to the Prime Malingerer demanding the resignation of self-proclaimed super forecaster Dominic Cummings, who apparently couldn’t forecast that the unstoppable force of his entitled arrogance would eventually collide with the immovable object of old Etonian entitled arrogance. Although given the performance of the Johnson government this year it’s now clear that Cummings would struggle to forecast going home alone in a taxi after going out on a date wearing piss stained jogging trousers.

Immediately following the loss of the guy he’d hired to run the country, the Prime Malingerer did what any resolute great leader would do at a time of national crisis, he buggered off into self-isolation to hide in a fridge because he got exposed to the coronavirus after proving himself incapable of following his own health experts’ advice to hold meetings over Zoom unless a face to face meeting was absolutely essential. Although since we have a government of zoomers you’d have thought that particular piece of advice should have been easy to grasp, even for a prime minister who holds more food and drink than a shopping trolley but who unlike the trolley lacks a mind of his own.

Working safely during COVID-19 in offices and contact centres. | HM Government

I have just spent over a month in hospital after suffering a life-changing stroke and during all that time, as I lay frightened and scared and alone in a hospital bed, I wasn’t able to see my husband or my mother. But Bozo the Clown can invite a Tory MP round for breakfast so that they can discuss new ways to screw over the poor and enrich even more of their pals with lucrative contracts which those of us who are being screwed over are going to have to pay for.

Boris Johnson in self-isolation after being exposed to the coronavirus for the second time. | Twitter — @BorisJohnson

We all know that Serco test and trace isn’t working but it’s suddenly working enough to give Johnson an excuse to disappear during the week that he’s supposed to land a Brexit deal. Not that he really needs much of an excuse. If Johnson put even a fraction of the effort into doing his bloody job as he does finding an excuse to skive off, he’d still be widely reviled as an incompetent buffoon, but no one would question his efficiency.

Despite the many crises that the UK is facing, not only is this government pressing ahead with its crazed, divisive, and damaging Brexit, it chose to squander even more precious time by devoting the weekend to a schoolboy spat about name calling, egos, and petulant one-upmanship.

And now a series of Scottish MPs from this party of greed avarice and right wing xenophobic populist English nationalism have taken to social media to decry calls for another Scottish independence referendum, hypocritically claiming that their focus is on rebuilding Scotland and healing division, all the while continuing their pursuit of a Brexit that Scotland doesn’t want and deepening the far more significant social divisions between the rich and the poor, the kids with full bellies and those who go to bed hungry.

The only reason Scotland needs rebuilding is because the Tories wrecked it with their ideologically driven austerity and their war on the poor. So Douglas Ross and Andrew six chips Bowie, spare us the sanctimonious hypocritical claptrap. We need an independence referendum in order to escape you and your societal wrecking ball of a party for good. You are the divisions we need to heal from. As Barack Obama said, when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk, or you just give them a softball interview slot on the BBC.

Scotland, not the Tories, will decide for itself what its priorities are, and increasingly Scotland is coming to the conclusion that its priority is to ensure that it can protect itself from the callous cruelty, greed, and selfish arrogance of the Conservatives, who offer us nothing but misery and grief with a side order of Empire nostalgia, wrapped up in bunting and garnished with a poppy. There’s only one way we can do that and at the same time secure our future as a normal European nation. Independence is the priority.🔷

Wee Ginger Dug, also known as Paul Kavanagh. Blogger.


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[This piece was originally published in Wee Ginger Dug’s blog and re-published in PMP Magazine on 16 November 2020, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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