We’ve come a very long way from the promises made to Scotland in 2014 to secure Scotland’s place in the EU. Instead we are facing the absolute worst Brexit scenario which the Leave campaign assured us wasn’t going to happen.

First published in December 2020.

It ought to be clear by now that when the Prime Malinger referred to devolution as a disaster he wasn’t just referring to the SNP, as Douglas Ross tried to claim in a screeching of brakes that was as about as convincing as his party’s claim to be committed to strengthening and deepening devolution.

This is because Johnson has now been joined in his denunciation of devolution by Jacob Rees-Mogg, who represents 17th century witch burners in the House of Commons. The pretendy aristo Jacob – the vulgarian’s idea of what a posh person is like, unfurled a roll of parchment hand crafted from the skin of a virgin peasant to opine that this conservative government must undo all the ‘constitutional tinkering’ introduced under the Labour government of Tony Blair.

Since by far the most significant example of that ‘constitutional tinkering’ was the establishment of devolution for Scotland and Wales, you don’t need to cast a spell using the tears of everyone whose life has been destroyed by Tory reforms of the social security system to divine what he was talking about. The Haunted double breasted suit took time out from his other job as a villain in the Beano to announce: “Under Labour, our constitution was vandalised and the whole of the United Kingdom suffered. We must undo their foolish tinkering.” This is not a statement which can be spun by desperate Scottish Tories as being ‘really’ a reference to THATESSEMPEE, although that probably won’t stop them trying.

Jacob and Johnson have between the two of them this week blown up the hopes of that not insignificant section of Scottish public opinion which isn’t entirely sold on the idea of independence but which would prefer see Scotland remain a part of the UK but with more devolved powers. In particular they’ve destroyed the ability of the Labour party in Scotland to appeal to those who still harbour a fond hope that there is still some life in the federalism fairy. Jacob has burned the federalism fairy at the stake and used its ashes to fertilise a field of poppies.

Unionism in Scotland is now reduced to its most staunch and bitter core, that small fraction of the Scottish population which would like to see Holyrood abolished. The far bigger segment of more moderate anti-independence opinion now has nowhere to go. Only someone who was either delusional or deliberately setting out to deceive could now argue that devolution can be strengthened and enhanced within the UK. In fact it is now clear that the existing devolution settlement faces a direct and immediate threat to its existence.

We’ve come a very long way from the promises that were made to Scotland in 2014 in order to secure a No vote. That vote did not, as promised, secure Scotland’s place in the EU. Instead we are facing the very real prospect of crashing out of the EU without a trade deal, the absolute worst case scenario which the Leave campaign assured us wasn’t going to happen.

Instead of devolution being strengthened and entrenched, and no changes being made to devolution without the express consent of Holyrood, we see that it is being directly assaulted by the UK government’s Internal Market Bill while senior figures in the British government openly talk about undoing the entire devolution settlement without making even a pretence that the views of the people of Scotland need to be taken into account.

The choice we now face is starker and simpler than before. It’s either independence or incorporation into a unitary Brexit state with no Scottish parliament to protect us from the depredations of the Conservatives and their cronies. Increasingly the people of Scotland are coming to realise that Scotland can either make its own destiny with independence or have a destiny imposed upon it without regard to Scotland’s needs or wants.

Witchfinder Rees-Mogg has just burned the union at the stake.🔷

Wee Ginger Dug, also known as Paul Kavanagh. Blogger.


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