the3million’s views on the latest EU Settlement Scheme statistics released by the Home Office.

First published in December 2020.

Another record month for the Home Office. Unfortunately, not all good records...

November has seen the highest ever percentage (57%) of granted applications concluding with the lesser Pre-Settled Status.

Settled v Pre-Settled of Granted Applications

The percentage of the lesser Pre-Settled Status granted to EU/EEA citizens has been increasing steadily every month since May and for the third month in a row has been higher than that of the full Settled Status.

Another record in November is the number of EU Settlement Scheme applications concluding without a status. Since the launch of the scheme, 1 in 36 applications have been concluded without either Settled or Pre-Settled Status.

This was 1 in 38 last month.

November saw the continuation of high numbers of EU Settlement Scheme applications concluding with neither Settled nor Pre-Settled Status. 1 in 15 were either refused, invalid, withdrawn or void.

Before the UK left the EU in January 2020 this was only the case of 1 in 140 applications.

Part of the high number of EU Settlement Scheme applications resulting with neither Settled nor Pre-Settled Status is the number of refusals seen in the month.

1 in 32 applications were refused in November. 6,600 in total – yet another new record set in November.

Unfortunately, the Home Office is still providing very limited insight into what is driving the decrease in grants of the full Settled Status and the increase in applications concluding with neither Settled nor Pre-Settled Status over the last months since Brexit Day.🔷

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