It is no longer possible to win a national election in the United States running on a racist political platform.

First published in December 2020.

The 2020 election will go down in history as unique in the way America responded to its results. Initially, for the first time in election history, spontaneous celebration gatherings broke out around America, followed by Republicans alleging massive voter fraud and Democrats alleging a massive assault on a citizen’s right to vote. In the midst of all of this, Democrats are overlooking and Republicans are disappointingly realizing the silver lining the 2020 election revealed, America officially has a new guardrail against racism!!!

Since President Trump and Republicans could not win the 2020 election the old-fashioned way with the popular vote, and unlike Democrats, Republicans were quick to realize the election results have revealed a new guardrail against racism, they resorted to placing a cloud of doubt over its legitimacy.

At first glance, the 2020 election results are troubling for both Democrats and Republicans, but the reason the results are troubling are different for Republicans than they are for Democrats.

A guardrail that prevents racism should be a celebrated result by Americans of all political, religious, and philosophical stripes. Unfortunately, national Republican’s reaction to the 2020 election, is an acknowledgment that they realize, reject, and are attempting to destroy the existence of the new guardrail that prevents racism. President Trump, with the public support of a vast majority of all Republican U.S. Congresspersons and Senators, has appointed Rudy Giuliani to head a legal team dedicated to using any legal maneuver to overturn the election that he lost fair and square.

Republicans support President Trump’s assault on democracy because they realize the new guardrail against racism means they no longer have a viable political future in national electoral politics. In his 2020 reelection campaign President Trump doubled-down on his brand of white nationalist racial politics. He campaigned by telling suburban American Whites that American Blacks were going to invade their neighborhoods bringing crime and lowered property values.

American White woman increased their level of support for Trump compared to 2016, 55% of them voted for Trump in 2020. | Edison Research 2020 Exit Polls

Doubling-down on racism worked the way President Trump knew it would but not the way Democrats thought it would. President Trump achieved his goal of increasing his share of the American White vote that he received in 2016 to the 57% he received last month. American Whites doubling-down with President Trump was the opposite election result Democrats expected. Democrats expected to win the White House, diminish President Trump’s American White vote percentage, win control of the Senate, and gain seats in the House. Instead, they won the White House but got only 42% of the American White vote, lost 10 seats in the House, and did not win control of the Senate.

To add insult to Democrat’s self-perceived injury only 1 state legislature flipped in America and it was from blue Democrat to red Republican. According to their expectations the 2020 elections gave neither Democrats nor Republicans a victory they are jumping for joy over, it did however give something for all Americans to jump for joy over, a new guardrail that will prevent future racist politics in America.

Donald Trump. | Flickr - Gage Skidmore

American Whites did double-down with President Trump, roughly 60% of them lied about their hope to pollsters, friends, in some instances family, and on Election Day they secretly voted their fears and for President Trump. Since one of the redeeming non-changing attributes of American democracy is the secret vote, it’s safe to assume that all the American Whites who will lie and vote for their fears instead of their hopes has maxed out at the roughly 60% that did so last month.

When the remaining 40% of American Whites who will reliably vote their hopes are combined with the 90% of American Colored people who vote their hopes, the day when a person can be elected President of the United States running on a white nationalist racial platform IS OVER!!! Hence the election of Joe Biden and the new guardrail preventing racist politics.

President Trump sending the racially prejudice message to American Whites that he would stop American Blacks from living in their community.

Republicans realized this immediately which is why the Trump/Giuliani legal strategy for overturning the election is to disqualify the votes cast by people of color, specifically American Blacks. When two-thirds of American Whites vote for a candidate that still loses, it’s proof to American Whites that their fear of racial population change is already having an effect. An effect that grows stronger each year because the American white majority shrinks each year. Democrats who are disappointed with losing House seats and flipping no state legislatures just need to be patient and not despair.

It’s only a matter of time before state elections for state legislatures and U.S. House districts will start building a guardrail for preventing racist politics like the state of Georgia has now begun. For the first time in over 20 years a Democrat running for President, Joe Biden, won Georgia, and 1 of the only 2 Democratic gains in the U.S. House came from Georgia. When an American White Democrat won and flipped the Metro Atlanta seat from red to blue. The Georgia legislature did not flip from Republican to Democrat but for the first time in Georgia history the 4 largest metro Atlanta counties where half of all Georgians live, all have elected Democrat American Black Sheriffs and District Attorneys, meaning the process for flipping the Georgia state legislature from red to blue has already started.

Knowing this time who they were voting for, more American Whites voted to reelect Donald Trump in 2020 than voted for him in 2016 when they didn’t know who they were voting for.

60% of American Whites doubled-down down with Donald Trump and voted for his race-baiting politics, giving him over 73 million of the 74 million votes he got and he still lost by over 6 million votes.

White voters for Biden. | Flickr - Gage Skidmore

60% of American Whites doubled down on racism and fired their best shot by voting for Donald Trump only to discover their worst fear. That the transition to a new colored majority in America has already started!!! 60% of American Whites and Donald Trump discovered a new guardrail built by people of color in coalition with the remaining 40% of American Whites that voted their hope, it prevented Trump’s racist tainted victory last month. 2020 was their best and last shot at victory based on racism even if American White support increases from 60% to 70% for a Trump presidential run in 2024. Because every year until 2024 the American White majority shrinks while every year until 2024 the colored population grows.

Bottom line there is a new great day in America, it is no longer possible to win a national election in the United States running on a racist political platform, there is a new national guardrail composed of people of color and the remaining 40% of American Whites preventing it now and forevermore!!!🔷

Isaac Newton Farris Jr, Nephew of Martin Luther King Jr, he serves as Senior Fellow at King Center.


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