Today’s data indicate 41,385 new coronavirus cases (the HIGHEST UK number reported at any time during the pandemic!) and a further 357 deaths.

First published in December 2020.

Today’s UK Covid Data Headlines

Today’s data indicate the dreadful fact that a further 357 people have lost their lives in the last 24 hours in the UK,   while the number of deaths in the last 7 days has reached 3,493.

Note: The data for deaths attributed to Covid-19 - each following a reported positive test result for Covid-19 within 28 days of their death.

The data also indicate that there have been 256,220 new cases reported in the past 7 days, around 26% more than the 7-day figures reported a week ago on 21 December.  

Today’s 7-day trendline chart is provided below:

UK Covid-19 headline data, reported on 28 December 2020:

  • 41,385 further positive tests – the HIGHEST UK number reported at any time during the pandemic!
  • 357 further deaths in the last 24 hours
  • 2,143 hospital admissions (reported as of 20/12)
  • 21,286 hospital in-patients in total (reported as of 22/12)
  • 1,529 patients on ventilation beds (reported as of 22/12)

333 days after the first case was reported in the UK, 2,329,730 cases have been reported, together with 71,109 deaths.  

However, these data only include those who have died within 28 days of testing positive; other measures suggest the number of deaths is higher: 79,349 being reported as “the total number of deaths of people whose death certificate mentioned Covid-19 as one of the causes, registered up to Friday, 11 December 2020.”🔷

Data source:

Dr Joe Pajak, Professional experience applied scientific research and development, then director of a national children’s charity, trustee of a disability charity, and governor of NHS foundation trust hospitals.

[This piece was first published in PMP Magazine on 28 December 2020. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]