Dr Dominic Pimenta’s proper debunking of a seriously pernicious and heartless argument that only sick, old people die from Covid-19.

First published in December 2020.

In England and Wales ALONE there have been over 7,400 COVID deaths in the under 65s, and nearly 8,600 EXCESS deaths compared to the 5 year average.

Source: NHS England

The ‘pre-existing’ conditions category is very, very broad, and covers:

  1. Any mental health diagnosis;
  2. A lot of common conditions that can range from trivial to severely life-limiting;
  3. And 72% labelled as ‘OTHER’ – which appears to be ANYTHING (e.g. gout, eczema, etc.).
Source: NHS England

So, just to summarise, we have already had more than 8,000 deaths from COVID in working age people, some of whom had previously gone to the doctor for something. The other point is this group is the one that had the MAXIMUM care to date

Lastly, if you need ICU with COVID and you don’t get ICU, then you die.

Say 1 in 2,000 under 60s need ICU care:

  • In Scenario A, with lockdowns, only 1,250 require ICU.
  • In Scenario B, without lockdowns, 12,500 require ICU.

We only have 4,000 beds.

Source: NHS England

So with a vaccine already HERE, those STILL arguing for mass infection and ‘protecting’ those at risk, is neither practical or ethical, nor economically or scientifically literate.

So in the meantime: hands, face, space, fresh air, and stay at home. We are nearly there.

I have found some more granular data from a different source (the ONS) about what is a ‘pre-existing’ condition.

Interestingly some of the ‘pre-existing’ conditions are likely actually COVID (pneumonia) and again most are non-fatal.

Source: ONS

If you look at the FULL list of what IS a ‘pre-existing’ condition (defined here as appearing on the death certificate of COVID patients) – here is a flavour to show how broad this actually is:

Source: ONS

The patients I looked after in COVID ICU were younger, generally previously well, with very little previous severe conditions.

Stats from ICNARC.

  • Average age: ~60
  • 89% living completely independently
  • Only 1-4% had any previous very severe condition
Source: ICNARC

And the reality is many young people have undiagnosed conditions, or genetic predispositions to severe COVID and have no idea. Which is why ‘focussed protection’ is so bonkers, one of many reasons.

I reached out to the NHS to clarify if they had any more granular data on the “other” category. It is a drop down menu for trusts to upload so there is no detail beyond that:

Anyway, stay at home, stay informed, and get vaccinated.🔷

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