How the worst government the UK has had for 250 years, and possibly the worst elected government on earth right now, dealt with coronavirus in 2020. And what to expect for 2021...

First published in December 2020.

Dealing with Coronavirus

Hubei province, where Covid started, has 57 million people and cities of 11 million.

They locked down completely, closed airports, roads, schools, business for 16 weeks, then opened up.

Deaths per million:
  • China: 3.32
  • UK: 1,055.81 and rising
  • UK economy fell over 20%
  • Hubei is growing at 4%

China locked down within 14 days of the virus being identified.

It took us nearly 3 months, and our airports still remain open.

We had a series of partial, failed lockdowns, messages from government that lockdowns were anti-British, government pals being let off with breaches...

Science was ignored. Decisions made late.

We were paid to go out and socialise.

Schools were threatened with being sued if they closed.

It is highly likely the new strain began here because a virus mutates faster if it has more chances to spread. So we are endangering the world...

The Prime Minister missed five COBRA meetings when vital decisions should be made. He took two weeks off as the virus spread, to deal with his latest divorce. His advisor broke the rules, lied openly about why, and got away with it. His government gave billions of pounds in dodgy contracts to mates...

But his government opted out of cooperation with neighbouring countries who tried to buy the desperately needed PPE our health workers were crying out for. The government wanted hundreds of millions on unstaffed sheds, as a publicity stunt, while 600+ health workers, lacking PPE, died...

Boris Johnson. | Flickr - Number 10

There is no condemnation from government of its usual xenophobic cheerleaders (you know who they are) spreading false information about Covid. And as the second wave exceeds the first, most ministers went missing...

Our economy suffered more than any other G20 advanced economy. There are 195 nations battling this, and we have a worst health outcome than 184 of them – and are the sixth richest. SAGE advice is still ignored on schools opening...

Yet, nobody in government has lost their job. No news media holds them to account. The national opposition is remarkably supine. The defence is: nobody has had to deal with this before. But 194 other leaders are, and 184 of them are doing better, with less resources...

Meamwhile we get press releases claiming the PM’s 8 month old child has the dexterity of a 4-year old. The Home Secretary is planning state executions. The ‘star chamber’ of a secret, publicly funded research group (which has never published any research) decides EU policy...

Boris Johnson’s son Wilfred painting. | Flickr - Number 10

The Dream Team

The PM has been sacked three times for lying. The Home Secretary was sacked for working with a foreign power. The Education Secretary is a fireplace salesman. The Transport Secretary has two secret identities. The Foreign Secretary did not know what Dover was...

The Housing Minister admits to “wrongdoing” by accepting “donations” – and if you can tell me the difference between a donation and a bribe, you are smarter than I am. The Health Minister takes “donations” from the only sport he excludes from lockdown...

The PM’s pal is put in charge of Test and Trace, fails, loses £3 billion – literally, no explanation for where it went. And if you feel like reporting this to the official government Corruption Tsar, go ahead: he is her husband. Now, you might draw different conclusions, but ...

They are corrupt. Incompetent. Unqualified. Lazy. Indecisive. Thick as a boxing day sh*t, or bare-faced sociopathic liars, or both. They are, without question, the worst government the UK has had for 250 years, and possibly the worst elected government on earth right now...

Boris Johnson. | Flickr - Number 10

And you know what: the stuff I just listed barely scratches the surface. I am confident you might come with a list of hundreds more examples, all widely reported, none of them denied by government (because they are true).

If you think 2021 will be better, I am very sorry. It won’t.

People are dying.

Lives ruined.

The nation diminished.

And these f*ckers...🔷

Russell Jones, Designer, data analyst, blogger.


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[This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article on 30 December 2020 with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected, and published with the author’s consent. | The author of the tweets writes in a personal capacity.]

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