It is this time of the year again... Here is your opportunity to help us take one of the biggest decisions of the year: to choose the person, people or organisation you think deserves to be our magazine’s “Person of The Year 2020”, whether it is for good or bad reasons.

First published in December 2020 | Updated in January 2021.


2019 — Greta Thunberg
2018 — Steve Bray

This year YOU have chosen our magazine’s “People of The Year”.

They are our daily heroes...
They are our champions...
They are saving lives every day...
They are risking their lives every day...
They are worth more than a clap...
They are hard at work all year long, not just during lockdowns...

This year, don’t clap for them... Instead, demand that your government pays them properly and invests in more staff, materials, and hospitals!

Thank you, Health Workers in the NHS, and the world over!

Results – Top 5:

  1. 39% – Health Workers (Nurses and Doctors during the pandemic)
  2. 36% – Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister of New Zealand)
  3. 29% – Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister of Scotland)
  4. 24% – Marcus Rashford (Football Player & Free School Meals Campaigner)
  5. 22% – Ugur Sahin & Ozlem Tureci (Founders of BioNTech – First Coronavirus vaccine)