Donald Trump, if it wasn’t clear enough before, is a dictator wannabe, a narcissist, a L-O-S-E-R. Get this monster out of the Oval Office before he launches a war either against another country or his own fellow citizens.

First published in January 2021.

Yesterday’s display of attempted revolution by Donald J. Trump’s supporters was about the most frightening, disgusting, and horrible things we have witnessed in our country.  

And that covers a lot of ground.

We should not be surprised though.

Trump, if it wasn’t clear enough before, is a dictator wannabe. He is a narcissist who is never wrong and will never be the worst thing in his limited vocabulary – a L-O-S-E-R.  

Indeed, though, that’s what he is and always has been.

Other politicians (hello, Sen. Mitch McConnell) used him to achieve their own ends. Though McConnell gave a true statesman’s address yesterday.

The rats jumping off the Bad Ship Trump are just that, rats. If they couldn’t see what this man was made of before he sent his followers and anarchists to invade Capitol Hill, then they didn’t belong in their jobs of major responsibility in the first place.  

Doing the “right” thing two weeks before the Administration ends is hardly heroic.

And good that cabinet members are reportedly discussing the 25th Amendment – that’s the fastest way, if they act literally today, to get this monster out of the Oval Office before he launches a war either against another country or his own fellow citizens.

Just ask Vice President Mike Pence how quickly you can go from loyal solider to enemy in an afternoon.

Mike Pence & Donald Trump. | The White House

And they should have invoked the 25th years ago. Those cabinet members have seen what he is for years, up close and totally unvarnished. Remember when Secretary of State Tillerson called him a “moron”? Remember when defense secretaries resigned in fear of his approach to foreign policy and defense?

Impeachment would be nice, but that’s not gonna happen. Maybe the Senate would even convict him this time.

Anyone who’s been even a casual reader of this column knows I have been opposed to this man since, literally, he first rolled down that faux gold escalator. That isn’t an “I told you so,” I was far from the biggest Trump critic. Well, I have been pretty big but certainly not the most prominent Trump critic around.

And many of my friends from when I served in Republican administrations have labeled me a traitor or disloyalist. As the kids used to say, “Whatever.” This is a very bad man and I quit the GOP, so I wasn’t a total hypocrite.

He should be removed from office because now we have proof that he is capable of anything.  

Those folks who stormed the Capitol yesterday were led not by merely “supporters” of Trump, but anarchists who have been looking for any excuse to cause havoc, danger and more. If the “average” Trump supporter among them could stand and watch what those people did to the Capitol yesterday, they are accomplices.  

As President Trump would say, “and I’m sure there were good people, too.”

But they stood around and watched those penny ante thugs break into the Capitol and desecrate everything they could get their hands on or their asses to sit in.

It was disgusting, and that’s not a strong enough word.

Expect Trump to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration? I doubt it and, honestly, the Secret Service might want to weigh in on what a security risk and potential leader of violence he would be at the inauguration.   🔷

B. Jay Cooper, former deputy White House press secretary to Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush.


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[This piece was originally published in The Screaming Moderate and re-published in PMP Magazine on 7 January 2021, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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