6,898 people have lost their lives in the last 7 days in the UK – the highest number of deaths recorded in any 7-day period! Dr Joe Pajak writes. UK data also reports 781,187 new cases in the last 14 days and another 1,243 deaths in 24 hours.

First published in January 2021.

Today’s Data in Focus

Today’s data indicates the horrendous fact that 6,898 people have lost their lives in the last 7 days in the UK, while 781,187 new cases have been reported in the last 14 days.

6,898 is the highest number of UK deaths recorded in any 7-day period during the pandemic!  

Note: The data for deaths attributed to COVID-19 – each following a reported positive test result for COVID-19 within 28 days of their death.

Latest health care data indicates: 4,240 new hospital admissions in the past 24 hours, 35,075 patients suffering from Covid-19 are already occupying hospital beds, and 3,363 requiring intensive care support.  

About Oxygen Supplies

The pressure on our NHS has reached new levels, levels that are becoming extremely difficult for hospitals and their staff to manage. There are also some questions being raised about the level of oxygen supplies for patients in some hospitals. However, Reuters reported today that, according to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, “there is no national shortage of oxygen to treat COVID-19 patients but some may have to go to different hospitals when local capacity has been used up.”

The Full Data

The 14-day UK data chart is provided below.

UK COVID-19 data, reported on 12 January 2021:

  • 45,533 positive tests in last 24 hours 🦠
  • 1,243 COVID-19 deaths in last 24 hours
  • 4,240 further hospital admissions (7 January 2021)
  • 35,075 hospital in-patients (to 10 January 2021) – the highest level at any time during the pandemic!
  • 3,363 patients on ventilation beds (11 January 2021)
  • 3,164,051 Positive Covid-19 cases have now been reported since the first case was reported on 31 January 2020
  • 348 days since first reported case
  • 312 days since first reported death
  • 2,431,648 people have now received first vaccinations (cumulative reported 11/01/2021)
14-Day UK COVID-19 Data - Trend Lines 12-January-2021

Since Boxing Day:

  • 941,899 new cases 🦠
  • 11,633 further deaths

The data continues to reach new record levels, and we must never forget the data represent real people suffering, real people dying, and a situation that many would argue is so much worse because of poor decision-making and delayed action.🔷

Data source:

Dr Joe Pajak, Professional experience applied scientific research and development, then director of a national children’s charity, trustee of a disability charity, and governor of NHS foundation trust hospitals.

[This piece was first published in PMP Magazine on 12 January 2021. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]