There is a politician who says what she honestly believes: Marjorie Taylor Greene. There is no trying to figure out where she is coming from. She lays it right out there...

First published in February 2021.

Many people think politicians say and do things aimed only at getting elected. They don’t really believe what they’re saying but they think they need to say it to get your vote. An old saw maybe but widely believed. And (too) often true.

Finally, there is a politician who says what she honestly believes: Marjorie Taylor Greene, the new Congresswoman from Georgia. There’s no trying to figure out where she’s coming from. She lays it right out there:

She is a racist and anti-Semite.

A lot of politicians “play to the base.” In today’s Republican Party they play to former President Trump’s base which apparently means they need to wink a belief in racism or a nod to antisemitism. Not Marjorie Taylor Greene. She’s the real deal.

Now, she’s running around trying to back peddle on some of her beliefs, especially her belief that the tragic school shootings over the last two decades were staged. Faked. Phony. But can she really get away with that kind of back peddling? Maybe enough to get House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy to slap her wrist rather than remove her from committee assignments.

I do question the true racist feelings of craven politicians like Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri or Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. I don’t know if they are a-winking-and-a-nodding or truly believe it. I mean, do you really believe those two ambitious pols think the 2020 election was “stolen” by the Democrats, as both argued – whatever story they tell you now?

But those two will say anything to endear themselves to that large voting bloc that is owned by former President Trump. Trump says the election was stolen. They will argue his case because, well, the base.

But Marjorie Taylor Greene is the real thing. She does not think people of color or Jews deserve the same rights she does. That woman even believes she has the right to carry a gun on the floor of the House of Representatives. Even the stoic, always thinking-never-blinking Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell calls Greene’s beliefs “loony.”

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Michelle Goldberg wrote in the New York Times: “American conservatism — particularly its evangelical strain — has fostered derangement in its ranks for decades, insisting that no source of information outside its own self-reinforcing ideological bubble is trustworthy.

If you’re steeped in creationism and believe that elites are lying to you about the origins of life on earth, it’s not a stretch to believe they’re lying to you about a life-threatening virus. If what you know of history is the revisionist version of the Christian right, in which God deeded America to the faithful, then pluralism will feel like the theft of your birthright. If you believe that the last Democratic president was illegitimate, as Trump and other birthers claimed, then it’s not hard to believe that dark forces would foist another unconstitutional leader on the country.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s political ad. | Marjorie Taylor Greene

Add in that Greene believes that a space laser ignited the California wildfires and stir in her belief that funding for such projects comes from Rothchild Inc. and mega-donor George Soros, always the targets of hate from anti-Semites, and McConnell should have added the word “tunes” to his calling her ideas “loony.” He, of course, did the polite Senate thing and didn’t mention Greene’s name but his target was clear.

Should she be removed from her new committee assignments as is being discussed by Republicans and threatened by the Democrats? Absolutely, especially that Education Committee. I mean, she believes the tragic school shootings of recent years were faked.

Should she be expelled from the House? Tougher question. On the facts, yes. But if the Democrats go down that road, they open the gate for similar actions against their own. Even if their “crimes” don’t rise to Greene’s. Plus, while the House has that option, with a two-thirds vote, should the voters who elected her be dismissed? I don’t know the answers to those questions.

Should she be censured? At the minimum, yes.

Used to be the anti-Semites and racists had to hide their true deep-down beliefs and wink at voters on those topics.

If Marjorie Taylor Green gets away with her crazy beliefs and gross behavior, she will set the mark that you needn’t hide your disgusting beliefs anymore.  

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B. Jay Cooper, former deputy White House press secretary to Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush.


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