Less Trump, more peace? B. Jay Cooper on his new life without Donald Trump’s every minute of lies and opinion about everything.

First published in February 2021.

Since January 20, I find:

It takes way less time to read the newspaper. During the Trump years, I’d start The Washington Post and an hour later not yet be done with the first section. Today I whisk though it. I’ve always, and still do, love newspapers. But I think this development is a good one.

I spend far less time on Twitter.

It’s been weeks since I’ve blurted out, “Did you hear what he just said? Idiot!”

When I started this column, I intended to write about various topics of interest to me – grandkids, language, and politics. Since Trump entered the political space I’ve had problems writing anything but about Trump! Even I got bored with myself. But, I promised I wouldn’t get used to the crazy Trump times and would not accept him as “normal” in any sense of the word. So, Trumpapalooza in the column.

I haven’t had a cup of covfefe since November.

I’ve noticed that weather maps from the National Weather Service are no longer highlighted with Sharpies.

Still, though, he’s “gone” at least at the moment, and it almost feels like he never was.

The words I never thought would appear in the same sentence:

Donald J. Trump Presidential Library.

We’ve heard very little about any planning for Trump’s library, but it seems improbable that he won’t have one. I mean, He can build a building dedicated to... himself, brand it with the Trump name... and it’s expected!

He has to raise the money to build it which offers opportunities for him but, uh, I won’t get into that because, see above, it’s like he never was.

When I started with this idea (to write about a Trump Library), I figured I’d offer up suggestions for what might actually be in the library since he likely destroyed any paper from his years in office – which couldn’t have been much because he hated having records of anything.

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Then, during my research (yes, despite what some may think, I do research for this column), I ran across djtrumplibrary.com, a parody site for a Trump library. It is pretty funny, though also kind of expected. It made me realize a satire of the Trump Library could get rather juvenile. I won’t try to compete with that. Wouldn’t want to raise my standards.

There will be discussion of course about where his library should be located. New York City has pretty much disowned him, and he’s abandoned it... so it seems an unlikely choice for the library.

While the government maintains presidential libraries, responsibility to raise funds to build them rests on the former president. Trump has experience, of course, raising big sums of money but the spending of it often is a moving target (remember those funds he raised to pay for his court challenges of the 2020 election?).

Also there was that little settlement a few years ago where he agreed not to lead a foundation in New York after his personal foundation was found, uh, lacking in following the rules. Turned out, it wasn’t okay to use foundation money to buy a huge portrait of yourself! Who knew?

Trump lives in Florida which does seem a good place for the library. For one thing, it will be near a golf course because you can’t spit without hitting a course in Florida.

And now look at that, another damn column about Trump! 

B. Jay Cooper, former deputy White House press secretary to Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush.


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