The UK news industry has increased its furlough claims in December and January because of the extra lockdown restrictions. Was it worth it?

First published in March 2021.

According to Press Gazette, most UK media companies have claimed between £100,001 and £250,000 from the Government’s job retention scheme in December 2020 and January 2021, when the country returned into lockdown.

The news industry, as a whole, claimed between £390k and £1.2m in December 2020, and between £535k and £1.5m in January 2021 (under the Coronavirus Act 2020, HMRC is required to name, on a monthly basis, the employers who have claimed cash and how much, but only banded ranges are given in the public Government data).

Here is a full list of UK media companies that have used the Government’s job retention scheme in December and January:

National press

CompanyDec 20Jan 21
Guardian News and Media£50,001 to £100,000£50,001 to £100,000

Regional press

CompanyDec 20Jan 21
JPI Media£100,001 to £250,000£100,001 to £250,000
Archant£50,001 to £100,000£100,001 to £250,000
Midland News Association£50,001 to £100,000£100,001 to £250,000
Newsquest£25,001 to £50,000£25,001 to £50,000
Tindle Devon Newspapers£10,001 to £25,000£25,001 to £50,000
City AM£25,001 to £50,000£10,001 to £25,000
Baylis Media£10,001 to £25,000£10,001 to £25,000
Highland News and Media£10,001 to £25,000£10,001 to £25,000
Iliffe Media Publishing£10,001 to £25,000£10,001 to £25,000
Independent News and Media (owner of Belfast Telegraph)£10,001 to £25,000£10,001 to £25,000
Irish News£10,001 to £25,000£10,001 to £25,000
KM Media Group£10,001 to £25,000£10,001 to £25,000
Southwark News£0.01 to £10,000£10,001 to £25,000
Gazette Newspaper Group£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Holderness Newspapers£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Iliffe Media£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Iliffe Media Group£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
New Milton News and Media (also Iliffe-owned)£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Newbury Weekly News (bought by Iliffe Media in 2019)£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Post Newspapers£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Stratford News and Media£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Tindle Newspapers£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000

Broadcast media

CompanyDec 20Jan 21
Bauer Media Audio£10,001 to £25,000£10,001 to £25,000
Global Radio£0.01 to £10,000£10,001 to £25,000
Al Jazeera£0.00£0.01 to £10,000
ITN£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000

Digital media

CompanyDec 20Jan 21
Tortoise Media£0.00£0.01 to £10,000
Vice£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000


CompanyDec 20Jan 21
Time Out£0.01 to £10,000£25,001 to £50,000
Chelsea Magazine Company£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Conde Nast£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
The Economist£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Immediate Media Bristol£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Immediate Media London£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Positive News£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000


CompanyDec 20Jan 21
William Reed£10,001 to £25,000£10,001 to £25,000
Incisive Business Media£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000

Specialist news

CompanyDec 20Jan 21
France Media£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Haber Weekly Newspaper£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Hamodia Newspaper£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
Jewish Telegraph£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000
The Stage£0.01 to £10,000£0.01 to £10,000

Other smaller independent media, such as PMP Magazine have claimed NOTHING from the Government’s job retention scheme since March 2020.

Indeed, at PMP Magazine we only rely on our generous readers who contribute either with a one-off donation or a monthly / annual donation. Thanks to them, during the coronavirus pandemic, we have so far managed to offer our readers FREE independent news, trustworthy journalism, fact-based analyses that don’t just tell them what’s happening but also how to make sense of it.

But we now have just less than 30 DAYS to keep going.

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