I have read all 258 pages of the Race Report, so you don’t have to.

First published in April 2021.

I have now read all 258 pages of the Race Report, so you don’t have to. It bats away issues of great significance and infantilizes those from ethnic minorities.

Here are my highlights and lowlights.

There are multiple bizarre attempts to underplay serious issues.

“Fear of hate crime among ethnic minority communities is also greater than its likelihood of occurring.” (p.141)

Well, yes. Just because you didn’t get hit by a car on the way home it doesn’t mean you were wrong to look before you crossed.

On historical racism:

“We understand the idealism of those well-intentioned young people who have held on to, and amplified, this inter-generational mistrust.” (p.27)

“One highlight was Dizzee Rascal belting out his hit Bonkers.” (p.28)

I don’t think that one black performer singing at the Olympics ended racism.

More on the Olympics (yes, we are still mad for London 2012):

“... there was a joyful expression of the contribution made by the Windrush Generation.” (p.27)

You mean, the same guys we deported? 🤔

There is a weird bit where the Race Report criticizes groups for focusing on “lived experiences” over “objective data”. (p.31)

This is the report’s own lived experience and not representative of my objective data.

“The public debate on race is sometimes hampered by the fact that there is no consensus on the meaning of even fundamental words like racism and discrimination.” (p.32)

“It is now possible for any act, including those intended to be well-meaning, to be classified as racist.” (p.35)

This is insulting to the point of its mere presence on the internet being a waste of our bandwidth speed.

There are repeated claims about the new generation being too sensitive to racism:

“This is one reason for the rising sensitivity, the language of microaggressions and safety, and stretching the meaning of racism without objective data to support it.” (p.35)

What objective data would the Race Report accept? 🧐

Why are black women five times more likely to die in childbirth?

This question is fundamental to our understanding of structural racism, and the Race Report dedicated a full three paragraphs to it.

It recommends “more research.” (p.218) 🤬

“More research needed” is the classic cop-out.

This reads like an op-ed rather than a balanced report:

“Most of us come from an older generation whose views were formed by growing up in the 1970s and 1980s. And our experience has taught us that you do not pass on the baton of progress by cleaving to a fatalistic account that insists nothing has changed.” (p.233)


The 2021 Race Report is fatally flawed. Denying the existence of structural racism is to deny the lived experiences of millions.

Leaking headlines like “BRITAIN’S RACE REVOLUTION” in an institutionally racist tabloid tells us all credibility is shot

Going Further:

Dr Meenal Viz, NHS doctor who took the government to court over PPE failings and treatment of BAME healthcare workers.


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