Good government is made for public betterment... or that’s what you think.

First published in April 2021.

Good government is made for public betterment.

But in today’s politics, politicians stand to be elected for their own permanent employment as settlement.

As a particular party bringing its government nationwide and their clients surrounds.

For them the whole country becomes a playground.

Present politics is just like fighting for votes only, win by any means and then rest for a lifetime.

At such a prime position, when they neglect their promises after elections, this is not less than a crime.

Competition in an election.

It has become even more than the Joint Entrance Examination*.

Just like kids, politicians fights.

They want their own royalty which has nothing to do with public rights.

Implementing their personal beneficial rules.

Nowadays, the populace is just like slaves of these fools.

They just know how to win.

Not much concerned about their promises which made them win.

For them, doing rally is like a game-changing point.

If they are able to hypnotise the mob, it guarantees a victorious appoint.

Just for their pleasure to make name and fame.

They use people as forced players playing a rotten political game.

Playing with the sincere votes of expectants.

Enjoying their powers as VIP of aspirants.

That’s why today’s populace is having a hatred for politics.

So, don’t make politics that much lamentable as it devastates humanity in the name of fictives. 

* (Joint Entrance Examination is the standard means of entry to the National Institutes of Technology in India.)

Sahaj Sabharwal, Blogger and writer. Student of Aeronautical Engineering.


[This piece was first published in PMP Magazine on 28 April 2021. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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