Watch Green Party MP Caroline Lucas ask a question to Health Secretary Matt Hancock in Parliament, and see his frustration at MPs daring to challenge and scrutinise his work.

First published in June 2021.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas asked Health Secretary Matt Hancock why he is ignoring the advice from scientific and health experts (SAGE scientists and advisers, Independent SAGE health experts) who have been warning that the UK is heading towards a third wave of the pandemic because of the Delta variant and why, despite acknowledging the greater transmissibility of the virus among secondary school children earlier in the House of Commons, he is not reversing the decision to end mask-wearing in the classrooms and increasing funding for schools to manage better ventilation in the classrooms.

Caroline Lucas asked:

“The Government’s former chief scientific adviser and the chair of Independent SAGE, Sir David King, warned today that current covid figures are “evidence of another wave appearing”, while the Office for National Statistics estimates a 76% increase in cases in England in the week ending 29 May.


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Matt Hancock was recently investigated for a potential conflict of interest over his 20% stake in a company run by his sister and his brother-in-law, Topwood Ltd, that was awarded approved supplier status by the NHS in 2019, after the MP had become health secretary, and that won £300,000 of business from NHS Wales in 2021.
The conclusions of Lord Geidt, the prime minister’s standards adviser, were that Mr Hancock had not been aware that a firm co-owned by his sister had become an approved NHS supplier, and therefore he should not be losing his job over what he described as a “minor breach” of the ministerial standards code.

Matt Hancock

“Given that the Delta variant is more transmissible, has a higher risk of hospitalisation and has more vaccine escape the Kent variant, can the Secretary of State explain why he is not ruling out now any further lifting of restrictions on 21 June, so that we can get more adults double vaccinated first? Given that he acknowledges greater transmissibility among secondary pupils, will he look again at reversing the decision to end mask wearing in classrooms and at funding schools to enable them to increase ventilation? He says that he wants to keep schools open, and so do I, so why not take all the necessary steps to ensure that we can, and follow the advice of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, Indie SAGE and many experts?”

Instead of answering the question, Matt Hancock started waving his arms around in the House of Commons to show his outrage at the Green MP and other SNP MPs who repeatedly dare to question and challenge his claims and his integrity.

What a personal affront!

The health secretary eventually replied: “But why? Why on earth would you say, “I’m going to rule out doing something in two weeks’ time,” when we know that the extra data that we will get over the next week will help to make a more refined and more careful decision? I do not understand this argument that has been put by the SNP and the Green party that we should just make a decision now, when we will know more in a week’s time, so that is what we are going to do.”

Forget about Parliament scrutiny, forget about this government protecting its citizens – in particular children – against a dangerous virus, and forget about the government following the “data not dates”... any way, don’t you remember that Britain has had enough of experts?

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J.N. PAQUET, Author & Journalist, Editor of PMP Magazine.