The government believes the quickest route to herd immunity involves acceptable death and health toll, children and Long Covid. A gamble based on impatience and pandering to lobbyists.

First published in June 2021.

Several LBC callers have been quoting disinformation they read in the Telegraph.

The narrative in the Telegraph article is ‘wait four weeks then let it rip because that will be the sweet spot’. So, the idea is to get the over 50s double-dosed and then away a Delta wave to spread.

The Telegraph

Why will we reach a sweet spot in four weeks? I assume that is when the over 50s have been double-dosed. It also means schools will be about to break up, and although the government pretends otherwise they know schools are acting as Delta hubs.

I have been saying for a while that I think the government believes the quickest route to herd immunity – with what it considers an acceptable death and health toll is:

  • “Two jabs for the over 50s.”
  • “One jab for the 18-50s.”
  • “Natural infection for under 18s.”

It is a gamble based on impatience and pandering to lobbyists.

I don’t think the government has ever dropped the idea that infections in the under 50s aren’t a problem, I still think they believe infection is a route to immunity. Their strategy is certainly comfortable with allowing younger people to be infected in education and at work.

Delta is spreading in schools but the government won’t act. To do so would tumble the construct of lies they have built around schools with the support of client journalism, coopted experts and the coordinated troll networks.

Hold out until the Summer holidays to unlock to balance transmission levels.

Everything the government has done fits this narrative, and I am reminded of early March 2020 when a key component of herd immunity via infection was to use schools like a sluice gate to manage the rate of infection.

Back soon to the “acceptable death rate” debate.

The idea of a sweet spot is very March 2020, believing a wave is unavoidable, we can only plan to shift the peak to an optimum time.

Trust the vaccines the media say, but then they say there is no point waiting until more people are fully vaccinated?

The UK media narrative

“Vulnerable people are vaccinated and protected. Those being hospitalised are young people, they will recover quickly.” Shouldn’t we be worried by the reports of younger people getting more severely sick from Delta? The media never mention that Delta is 2.5 times Alpha’s severity.

“Of course a small number will develop Long Covid.” The media have taken to inserting this phrase before they proceed to show absolutely no concern for Long Covid.

People have had to fight against coopted experts for Long Covid recognition

“Severe illness in children is rare and the vulnerable have been protected.” They ignore the fact that some children are vulnerable, and looking at LongCovidKids and ONS, health impacts on children aren’t as rare as they are making out.

A caller on LBC said: “I started reading the Telegraph on Saturday because that’s where the government always leaks its policies.”

Paying Boris Johnson a fortune for writing some articles before he became prime minister appears to have dividends as well as influencing policy as Dominic Cummings claimed.

But it is what the caller says next that is shocking: “An expert in the Telegraph said that because the most vulnerable might lose immunity over time we need to get everyone mixing now to maintain herd immunity into the winter.” And Andrew Pierce presenting seems to think it is a convincing argument.

Forget the anonymous troll hordes, it is most of the media with their experts coopted by lobbyists that are proving to be the main disseminators of disinformation in the UK.

An intentional distortion of the truth is occuring.

Look at the schools’ narrative, the media can still find plenty of experts to still say that children are much less infectious, that transmission in schools is low, that masks aren’t needed, and now they are heading into anti-vax territory for children.

The government is still proceeding with experiments in schools on replacing isolation with lateral flow tests (LFTs). I am told by an often-quoted expert – who just got a government contract – that not experimenting would be unethical. He didn’t answer my questions, I got blocked for this.

I notice that LFTs have also been floated as a key strategy for keeping schools safe, mass gatherings, etc. Surely the FDA’s announcement on the Innova tests should be headline news? It has barely been mentioned. The company’s background and finances also need investigating.

The bmj

Then, it was Maajid Nawaz turn on LBC who was quoting experts in the Times and the Spectator:

  • “More people will now die of the flu than Covid.”
  • “The over 80s have antibodies, that’s practically herd immunity.”
  • “The only children to die had pre-existing health conditions.”
  • Children need to be infected now to be immune by September.”
  • “We need to trust vaccines and let everyone else get infected, so that once everyone is vaccinated we will be ready for the next variant.”

I can see how this is becoming the dominant narrative, but it feels a lot like “F*ck it, we give up” to me.

It goes on:

  • Only the unvaccinated are in hospital” (It is their fault, let them get what they deserve)
  • “The only fully vaccinated people to die are those who were vulnerable.”

So, we come full circle, an argument that starts with “the vulnerable are protected, let’s open up” ends with only the most vulnerable are dying, let’s open up, and trust the vaccines, let’s open up because we won’t be able to trust the vaccines in winter when everyone is jabbed.”

It is an incoherent mess now, a bloody disaster in the making, and all the radio channels seem full of people who take the disinformation as fact, repeating the broken logic, while seeming increasingly hateful towards whoever the papers are blaming that day.

And if allowing infection to spread through students isn’t the plan, in over 450 days of pandemic, only secondary students were allowed to wear masks in the classroom for only 40 school days.

The government removed the masks requirement while suppressing the data on the Delta variant until after the local elections.

They are now suppressing vital data on cases in schools, which we suspect will show that the scale of the outbreaks in unventilated classrooms is increasing.

Systematic gaslighting by dangerous ideologies.

I despair. 

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Karam Bales, NEU National Executive. Chair of NP & YW National Council. Officer for Unify: Professional Unity.