While everyone can now prove their Covid-19 vaccination status with a simple printed certificate, EU citizens cannot prove their pre-settled or settled status in a similar way.

First published in June 2021.

On 1 July, we will enter the brave new world of post-Brexit Britain.

While the Home Office is praising the success of the EUSS application system, the real test will be whether we will be able to continue to live normally in the UK with settled status or pre-settled status.

The Number 1 worry expressed by you, and many others, is proving our digital status from 1 July.

Today, we are inviting you to join this new grassroots campaign to demand #ProofEqualityNow:

COVID-19 vaccination status:
✅ a secure printable certificate is possible

Settled status:

Tell politicians we want the same!

The government is letting everyone download and print a PDF certificate (or ring 119 to get a printed copy) of their COVID-19 vaccination status, so people with no access to smartphones or technology can prove their COVID-19 status.

These printed certificates have secure QR Code technology – military grade security against fraud.

Why can’t they do the same for EU citizens to prove their settled status or pre-settled status?

And it is not just about people with no access to smartphones and technology. Currently, the only way to view and prove our status is on the UK Government website at www.gov.uk/view-prove-immigration-status

Tuesday morning, no one could view and prove their status due to an outage of the whole gov.uk website.

Today, I am urging you to write to your MP and selected members of the House of Lords to demand #ProofEqualityNow for EU citizens.

If you are one of our British friends, please also join the campaign and explain to your MP how employers, landlords and service providers would benefit from a physical document they can check.

Full instructions on our campaign page.

WHY #ProofEqualityNow?

The Government has repeatedly refused to give EU citizens physical proof of their new immigration status.

​EU citizens continue to tell us this is their Number 1 concern.

​Now that vaccine certification has come along, the government is, rightly, looking after those without access to smartphones or technology by allowing them to either download and print a PDF, or ring 119 to get a printed letter. These printed versions have secure QR Code technology – military grade security against fraud.

So why can’t they do the same for EU citizens?

  1. Write to your MP (find name/email here) and / or write to known supporters in the House of Lords (find name and email here)
  2. What to write?
    Make your message personal, but you may find inspiration in these examples
  3. Tell us who you wrote to here
  4. See how is the campaign going in our gallery here!

Oh, and one more thing: one-click tweet your MP here!


Nicolas Hatton, Founder of the3million to protect #citizensrights.
The3million, the largest group of EU citizens in the UK, with volunteers working on advocacy, policy, legal, media, social media, grassroots and events.


Did you know the3million is the leading non-profit organisation of EU citizens in the UK? If you can help their campaign to continue, you can:


[This piece was originally published in the3million newsletter and re-published in PMP Magazine on 15 June 2021, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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