Herd immunity by infection as a strategy? Pretty certain this is not going to be covered in the media.

First published in June 2021.

Manipulating narrative is in part which stories editors choose to lead on.

Sky News

Today, the Hancock story is going to suppress the more important story that the government asked for SAGE to model high transmission in younger age groups to reach herd immunity via infection.


Andrew Lloyd Webber is another big headline. The composer and impresario launched legal action to get access to the findings of the Events and Research Programme (ERP) that has seen a range of pilot events hosting large audiences such as the FA Cup Final, the Download festival and the Brit Awards. Until today, the data from these trials had been suppressed.

And we are reminded that other data that could be positively spun has been delayed. They won’t, for instance, mention case data in education which still isn’t being published since May 2021.

When the data say one thing and the Government says the opposite... the media oblige.
How client journalism and cosy relationships allow the UK government to maintain a shocking level of complacency about the risks posed by Covid-19 variants.

When trials are reported on we are always told that they have been a success. In reality it is not as simple as much of the press makes out.

The media are covering schools as “isolations cause disruption” not “transmission causes disruption.”

While the government refuses to publish case data, the media can continue claiming that year groups are sent home from one case when what I am seeing is larger scale outbreaks.

They are preparing the ground to remove isolation, and currently running deeply questionable trials. Government advisors say that the increased risk of transmission is a fair balance to reducing time out of school.

Just as we warned, there are first hand accounts of the consequences of these trials. More trials being conducted on staff skipping isolation and on replacing PCR tests completely with LFD tests!

Two weeks ago, we had the familiar paediatricians saying “Doom mongers are wrong. No sign of significant transmission in schools.”

Last week, they were still claiming schools weren’t the problem.

Truth is:

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Karam Bales, NEU National Executive. Chair of NP & YW National Council. Officer for Unify: Professional Unity.


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