A number of books have come out this summer detailing the inner workings of the Trump administration, claiming to expose its terrible underbelly. More accounts will surely be coming. It is a scam I am not supporting. You shouldn’t either.

First published in July 2021.

All the excerpts, all the little juicy bits that have dropped over the weeks, tell us nothing new. Nothing allegedly overheard from Trump has been able to top what he has put out himself publicly.

Is anyone really surprised that Trump may have complimented Adolf Hitler when he was already willing to defend a mob of white supremacist nobodies?

We don’t need insight from his doctors to know that Trump learned nothing from his own bout with COVID-19. The added piles of dead under his watch and his rhetoric leading into the election are ample examples of this.

Of course, Trump didn’t wear a mask so he could look like a badass. Why in the world do we need “evidence” when we have nearly any photo-op he took this past year?

How much more proof do Americans need in order to see that Trump didn’t care about the people unless they were standing with him wearing his merchandise?

Why is it a shocking revelation that he wished violence on protesters when that’s what he accomplished a mere year ago (if not on the scale he ultimately wanted)?

At first glance, these excerpts seem like self-assuring reads for any person who is deluded to think that Trump is going away at all.

In reality, it only helps to eep him in the spotlight by way of exploiting our need to have our own understanding of the last four years assured.

For those who have despaired and watched helplessly since 2016, our sense of reality has been challenged to the core, and these alledged works of journalism are making a profit selling back our own truths, offering no real insights in the exchange.

Why else would we be looking for “gotcha” moments from the January 6 insurrection when we already saw and understood what happened with our own eyes?

This is lazy liberal porn. It will make you feel good in spurts, but in the end, you’ll just feel empty inside.

I remember buying a similar book published shortly after Trump won. It made me feel better just to buy something that could tell me how this all happened.

Ultimately, I never read it. I knew exactly what happened. Bad, incompetent people were put in power as a way for angry people to sadistically enact revenge on minorities and progressives for any number of imagined wrongs.

For those people, a million more dead bodies would just be another way of “owning” us.

Even four years ago, I didn’t need a book to tell me that.

This summer reading is devoid of purpose. None of these new tomes will convince a Trump supporter to turn from their chosen leader. Any further exposure of Trump’s bad qualities only gives them more assurance that they made the right choice for their twisted champion.

Setting aside any profits the authors and publishers make, the biggest beneficiaries of these books will be the secret sources, the informants, scrambling to come out and say they were the voices of reason instead of just more bodies a room full of opportunists surrounding the weakest man of power in history.

In a post-Trump world, every new revelation comes from a past disciple pretending they were Judas all along. In the end, their names will be revealed, and they will all be lining up to be paid pundits who “were there” when all the terrible things happened.

Like us, every one of these people knew what was going to happen, knew the worst case scenarios. Where most of us felt terror, they saw opportunity.

Don’t support their cheap wrestling face turns. Don’t buy their hastfully painted on new colors. Don’t let them try to comfort you when they say you were right all along.

We worked so hard to keep the truth in our heads for so long. Don’t let them steal it only to sell a cheap, hollow copy back to us. 


Chad Parenteau, Writer.


[This piece was first published in PMP Magazine on 26 July 2021. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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