The latest on the red, amber and green list holiday destinations.

First published in August 2021.

The UK’s traffic light rating system for Covid-related travel guidelines is updated regularly as the pandemic progresses and evolves. As the chart below shows, the number of countries and territories without a travel warning in place is very limited.

France has now moved from the ‘amber-plus’ to the ‘amber’ list, which means children and fully vaccinated travellers don’t have to quarantine on their return. Only unvaccinated travellers must self-isolate at home for 10 days.

Christophe Mathieu, chief executive of Brittany Ferries, told the BBC the company has seen bookings surge since the announcement, even though he doesn’t expect to carry the usual number of passengers across the Channel: “Let’s be realistic, we would need tens of thousands of people booking to make up for the poor season.

“It’s more than welcome this announcement, it’s good news, but it comes in a year when at the end of the day for us everything is about 2022 and making that a real, normal year.”

Seven countries have also been added to the ‘green’ list: Austria, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Other main destinations (albeit far-flung) on the ‘green’ list are Australia, New Zealand and Israel, with Bulgaria being a closer option. However, the ratings and associated rules apply only to people returning from these countries. Travellers should inform themselves of the rules currently in place for entering the country they intend to visit.

Australia, for example, has closed its borders completely, making the UK’s green status for the country only relevant for people already in Australia.

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Red list of countries and territories:

▪ Afghanistan
▪ Angola
▪ Argentina
▪ Bangladesh
▪ Bolivia
▪ Botswana
▪ Brazil
▪ Burundi
▪ Cape Verde
▪ Chile
▪ Colombia
▪ Congo
▪ Costa Rica
▪ Cuba
▪ Dominican Republic
▪ Ecuador
▪ Egypt
▪ Eritrea
▪ Eswatini
▪ Ethiopia
▪ French Guiana
▪ Georgia
▪ Guyana
▪ Haiti
▪ Indonesia
▪ Kenya
▪ Lesotho
▪ Malawi
▪ Maldives
▪ Mayotte
▪ Mexico
▪ Mongolia
▪ Mozambique
▪ Myanmar
▪ Namibia
▪ Nepal
▪ Oman
▪ Pakistan
▪ Panama
▪ Paraguay
▪ Peru
▪ Philippines
▪ Réunion
▪ Rwanda
▪ Seychelles
▪ Sierra Leone
▪ Somalia
▪ South Africa
▪ Sri Lanka
▪ Sudan
▪ Suriname
▪ Tanzania
▪ Trinidad and Tobago
▪ Tunisia
▪ Turkey
▪ Uganda
▪ Uruguay
▪ Venezuela
▪ Zambia
▪ Zimbabwe

(Source ▪ Department for Transport & Department of Health and Social Care)

Equally, while the ‘amber’ countries may not apply such extensive measures for returnees to the UK as for those from ‘red’ rated locations, both carry a “You should not travel to these countries or territories” label


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[This piece was first published in Statista & written by Martin Armstrong, Data Journalist at Statista on 8 August 2021.]

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