The Screaming Moderate occasionally hands out awards to those who have done good – Yos! – and those who have done bad – Oys! The committee on Yos! and Oys! meets whenever it feels like it.

First published in August 2021.

The first-ever Potential Yo! goes to former President Donald J. Trump. If Trump were to put out a statement, make a speech or videotape a message urging people to get a vaccination, we would see an additional boost given to the current surge of vaccinations. The political upsides to Trump (typically the way to encourage him to do something): The vaccine was developed on his watch and even Biden gave him a backhanded credit when he recently said the vaccine was developed under a Republican Administration. Trump speaks directly to many of the states far behind in vaccinating their people because they typically are “Trump states”. If one wanted to be cynical one might say that there is no doubt Trump would earn some credit even if his speech had no impact because vaccinations are surging as people understand they actually could get very sick or die and as cities, like New York, are instituting bans on those not vaccinated from eating indoors at restaurants, going to to the theater, etc. This would be an easy way for Trump to earn and take credit for even if he had effect at all for a major increase. It would be a win-win. As he once said to a bloc of voters, “What have you got to lose?”

Oy! for being a hypocrite to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. For years Cuomo prided himself on his support for women and changing of laws to strengthen sexual harassment laws. A few days ago, New York Attorney Genera Leticia James issued the results of an investigation requested by Cuomo into allegations of sexual harassment against him. The blistering report documents the accounts of 11 women who alleged sexual harassment against Cuomo. Cuomo liked to go around saying “believe the women” when claims of sexual harassment were lodged. Apparently, he meant “believe the women except for these 11 women.”

Oy! to Republicans in Congress. Whatever happened to spending like a drunken sailor? During the Trump years, Republicans in Congress shelved their decades-long dedication to not vote for spending increases to please Trump. Now, though, since there’s a Democrat in the White House, Republican congressmen and senators are against increasing spending. They are giving one to Biden on infrastructure knowing they’ll get much credit back home for improvements that will be made to bridges, roads, etc. Red ink apparently in their minds is a thing of the past as they now revert to what was a Republican long-time value.

Oy! to cancel culture. I gotta tell ya, I’d never heard of cancel culture until recent months when Republicans especially have been complaining about it. Is there a Committee to Cancel Culture? Who’s in charge of it? Some think it’s the media that gets together secretly among themselves to decide what to cancel today. Conservative talking heads popularized the phrase when things like Mr Potato Head and some Dr Seuess books were cancelled. (Want to know where the phrase comes from? It comes from the song “Your Love is cancelled” that appeared on an album in 1981 by Chic, a group that hit it big during the disco era. They prided themselves on songs with double meetings such as “Le Freak”. According to Wikipedia, the song original lyrics had a refrain that said “ahh f*ck off” after they failed to meet with Grace Jones. The refrain later became “ahh freak out” and a Number One disco song.) I’d love to cancel the phrase Cancel Culture.

A final Oy! to the Committee on Oys! and Yos! for not issuing a single Oh! 


B. Jay Cooper, former deputy White House press secretary to Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush.


[This piece was originally published in The Screaming Moderate and re-published in PMP Magazine on 19 August 2021, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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