“I tried to protect my children – now I am being forced to send them in by a government that has done nothing to keep them safe.”

First published in September 2021.

Despite much concern from scientists and parents alike, schools return this week with fewer mitigations than ever against transmission of Covid-19. The World Health Network held an Emergency Summit on 3 September highlighted important aspects of this concern; cases are 26 times higher now than last September when they escalated quickly despite stronger mitigations in schools.  

This concern is compounded by a failure to vaccinate most children aged 12 to 15, and the dominance of the highly transmissible Delta variant, which may pose more significant risks to children and young people than previous variants.

Parents United UK members were represented at the summit by campaign founder Tony Dadd, who elected to read out a post submitted to the Facebook group by a parent. This post was selected as it reflects the overall mood of our 22,ooo strong group.

“On Monday my children will be sent into an environment where they are almost certain to be infected with an illness which could land them in hospital, give them long term health conditions or worse.

“On Monday I will come home and cry for not being able to protect my children while seeing posts on Facebook from beaming parents showcasing their back to school photos.

“On Monday I will start a pattern of extreme anxiety every time my little boy sneezes whilst pretending that everything is absolutely fine, with a fake smile plastered on my face.

I can’t deregister as I need to work. I took time off last year unpaid to home school after deregistering. My children started a new school at Easter. They were so brave and just got settled, and now cases are worse than ever.

“I don’t know the purpose of this post. I just know it’s the only place I can share my feelings on this.

“If my children get sick I want it to be noted that I tried to protect them. I really did. And I will hate myself forever for not doing more. But I am trapped; I am being forced to send them in by a government I don’t trust, who has done nothing to make schools safe and, still 18 months on, has the audacity to say schools are safe.” 


Parents United, grassroots, parent-led campaign for a sensible, safe, and sustainable approach to UK Schools.


[This piece was first published in PMP Magazine on 9 Sept 2021. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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