The UK is failing, and failing badly. A nation where the Nolan Principles are long forgotten.

First published in September 2021.

When do we say a nation has failed?

  • Policies deliberately put children at risk;
  • Policies penalise parents who try to safeguard children against government policy;
  • The lack of access to routine and emergent healthcare;
  • The lack of social nets for the poorest;
  • 4 million children living in poverty;
  • The reduction in life expectance from preventable disease;
  • Fuel and energy shortages;
  • Food supply shortages;
  • Increased reliance on foodbanks;
  • Government corruption with minimal consequence;
  • Non-independence of state media;

  • Non-independence of public health institutions in a pandemic;
  • The lack of basic protections for frontline workers;
  • The infiltration of scientific discourse by disinformation and misinformation lobby groups and pseudoscience;
  • The lack of accountability for a media promoting misinformation;
  • The gagging and victimisation of whistleblowers (e.g. NHS);
  • The lack of media or political opposition to dangerous policies that have led to loss of life in a crisis;
  • The rise in homelessness year on year;
  • The lack of funding to allow basic 5 days a week education in schools;
  • Corruption of supposedly meritocratic systems (e.g. the honours system);
  • The concentration of power and lack of accountability of government;
  • The loss in real wages for most workers;
  • Consistent drops in productivity and weak economic growth;
  • Opposition parties not opposing and having a limited impact on the discourse.
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Dr Deepti Gurdasani, Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology, Statistical Genetics, Machine Learning, Queen Mary University of London.


Going Further:

[This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article on 27 September 2021 with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected, and published with the author’s consent. | The author of the tweets writes in a personal capacity.]

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