Dr Alexandra Bulat

Dr Alexandra Bulat

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  • Cambridge, Clacton & London, UK.
Young Europeans Manager at the3million. PhD on immigration, University College London. Working on EU migration. Intellectual diversity.

Our home, our vote! Introducing our 2021 EU voter registration campaign.

4 min read
EU citizens living in the UK should apply now to vote by post in this year local elections instead of having to queue up in the middle of the pandemic.

Join the3million Young Europeans’ citizenship campaign launch.

3 min read
Journey to British citizenship is not an easy process for EU citizens. It is not a nice, straightforward dry path. There are many barriers. the3million Young Europeans would like to build a new vision where citizenship is more accessible.

Tell us what local politics means to you.

3 min read
Whether you are British, from the Commonwealth, the EU or a non-EU country, we are all local residents. We pay the same taxes and deserve to have our views represented on how public services are run.

The truth about EU citizens and Settled Status.

3 min read
Poor media coverage on EU citizens’ rights on the day the UK left the European Union may have serious consequences.

Dog-whistling is not a decent thing to do. It has to stop now.

3 min read
There is no evidence that migration has reduced the quality of healthcare in the UK, nor that migration affects the overall level of crime. So, why are politicians blaming EU citizens for the impact of their austerity policies?

I want to vote at home. And home is in the UK.

3 min read
Most EU citizens could not vote in the referendum. Yet, we are among the most affected by its outcome, Alexandra Bulat writes.

Latest Settled Status stats — Here’s what the Home Office won’t brag about.

2 min read
Alexandra Bulat took the time to analyse the latest EU citizens’ Settled Status stats from the Home Office. Here is what she found...
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