Dr Alexandra Bulat

Dr Alexandra Bulat

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  • Cambridge, Clacton & London, UK.
Young Europeans Manager at the3million. PhD on immigration, University College London. Working on EU migration. Intellectual diversity.

“Settled Status”: Applying to stay in my own home.

1 min read
Alexandra Bulat on how EU citizens in the UK (including the most vulnerable: the elderly) applying for Settled Status face hours of bureaucratic and technical issues to remain in their own home.

Romanians in the UK are people too.

3 min read
Alexandra Bulat, an EU citizen and Romanian national, brings some balance to the narrative about Romanians in the UK because there are criminals of every nationality...

Brexit. People’s lives do not fit in a tickbox.

4 min read
I am a Romanian PhD student, a teaching assistant and a researcher. One of Theresa May’s praised “brightest and the best” whose “contributions are welcome”. Today, I want to share my story.
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