Alexandrine Kántor

Alexandrine Kántor

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  • Oxford, UK.
Libdems Cllr SODC Wheatley ward + Senior Electrical Designer IEng for CCFE + INTJ + French migrant + Owner of @CharlieBSHCat + my views my own.

I’m a EU citizen and I am done being a silent observer and a victim of Brexit.

5 min read
Alexandrine Kántor on her journey through Brexit, on growing tired of the fearmongering, xenophobia and lies, becoming a Councillor, and choosing to fight for EU citizens’ rights because of the Home Office failures.

Brexiters, abandon your sick agenda and leave WW2 where it is.

3 min read
Alexandrine Kántor shares with us the very moving story of her family from the tragic story of the horror of WW2 to the spirit of reconciliation that inspired the creation of the European Union.

Why EU citizens’ rights matter and why it is everyone’s fight.

6 min read
Latest updates on EU citizens rights after Brexit, ‘no deal’ Brexit, the Last Mile lobby and the *un*Settled Status.

Brexit and Euratom: Impact on Cancer treatment, nuclear power plants and climate change.

12 min read
The announcement to leave the Euratom Treaty was unexpected as it is legally distinct from the European Union. However, it shares the same membership and has links with other EU institutions such as the European Commission, Council and Courts of Justice.
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