Alyssa Satara

Alyssa Satara

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  • Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Human rights advocate & social innovator. Let's use technology to help people! Columnist at @Inc.

You’re posting about it on social media, but do you know why the Amazon is on fire?

3 min read
Imagine that your lungs burst into flames — that’s what’s happening to our Earth right now, Alyssa Satara writes.

A call to action for anyone who doesn’t want to see another mass shooting in America.

4 min read
The community in Parkland, Florida are preparing to burry their 17 friends, teachers, sons, daughters, and fathers. Like many, I’m filled with sadness and anger, devastation for these families and for this community.

3 things Trump has done for America.

4 min read
The inherent bad Trump has done, has scared Americans. This fear has woken many of us up and asked us to analyze and protect our system. By being so horrible, Trump has prompted Americans to pay attention.
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