Professor Amelia Hadfield

Professor Amelia Hadfield

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  • Guildford, England.
Head of the Department of Politics, and Chair in European and International Affairs, University of Surrey. Professor in European & International Affairs. EU, Brexit & international issues.

Unrest in the US has prompted soul-searching in Europe.

5 min read
European figureheads have spoken out against Capitol rioters but also know they have problems in their own back yard.

Coronavirus — What is the European Union doing to manage the crisis?

5 min read
EU leaders cannot agree on how to deploy financial aid to economies in crisis.

Boris Johnson’s three letters to Brussels: what do they mean for Brexit?

6 min read
MPs were supposed to vote either for or against the prime minister’s deal in a special weekend session. But things didn’t quite work out like that.

Boris Johnson suspends Parliament — What does it mean for Brexit and why are MPs so angry?

6 min read
MPs are calling it an attack on democracy, the government insists it’s no big deal. Who is right in the battle for Brexit?

Are Europe’s new leaders up to the job? Brussels appointment process raises serious legitimacy questions.

4 min read
It’s not just that the new top team only represents western states. Several of them seem rather unprepared to lead the union.
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