Andrew Duff

Andrew Duff

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  • Cambridge, UK / Brussels, Belgium.
European Federalist; President of the Spinelli Group; Visiting Fellow at European Policy Centre; Liberal MEP 1999-2014; Turkey.

Brexit: Decoupling the Political Declaration.

3 min read
The European Council could agree the Political Declaration on a provisional basis, allowing the UK to catch up during the transition period. The Commons would not have to vote on the future relationship now, only on the Withdrawal Agreement, Andrew Duff writes.

Brexit: Time to compromise.

1 min read
The Brexit talks have stalled. It will take a compromise on Ireland by Theresa May to restart the process. Despite appearances, she has proved herself capable of compromise.

Brexit: What Theresa May's White Paper must do.

18 min read
The Article 50 secession treaty must be accompanied by a Political Declaration outlining the framework for the future relationship between the UK and EU. Drafting the Political Declaration is now an urgent necessity.
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