Andy Bodle

Andy Bodle

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  • London, UK.
Perennially grumpy middle-aged git with broadly negative views on just about everything. Was intermittently funny once.

Laziness, envy and fear: The handmaidens of Brexit.

8 min read
Fearful people want swift, simple solutions — and woe betide any pointy-headed intellectual who gets in the way with pleas for calm or evidence.

Poisoning the well-educated: How the far right are waging war on knowledge.

12 min read
The demagogues can’t win the debate with intellectuals, so instead, they’re trying every trick in the book to shut it down.

Meep-meep to MAGA: How Road Runner paved the way for Trump.

6 min read
So what is driving this new climate of distrust, bordering on outright hostility, towards people who think?

BBC: I’m not paying you to cheerlead the destruction of my country.

3 min read
The alarming decline in the national broadcaster’s impartiality means I can no longer justify paying the licence fee. This is my open letter to the BBC about why I'm turning off my TV and cancelling my licence fee - because it's cheerleading the destruction of the UK.

Welcome to ‘The University of Life’.

5 min read
We all know what Higher Education is like. But does it fare better or worse than the actual life? Andy Bodle has decided to imagine what a prospectus for The University of Life (UoL) would look like...

Do Brexiters really want Remainers to ‘get over it’?

7 min read
The dwindling band of Brexit zealots are demanding that Remain voters stop ‘talking the UK down’ and get behind them. But do they mean it?

A dictionary of Brexitese.

5 min read
A beginner’s guide to the UK’s newest language – a fascinating creole of English and bullshit.
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