Andy Martin

Andy Martin

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  • Stamford, England.
Voted Leave in 2016. Remainer Now. One of the 52 who became one of the 48.

#Tweetspotting: Why would an EU army be a problem?

1 min read
We spotted this tweet for you...

A message from one Leave voter to another.

1 min read
Forget about what you “WANT” from Brexit. Look at what you are actually going to “GET” instead. And then compare it to what you already “HAVE”...

Time to have a final say on Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal.

1 min read
Andy voted Leave in 2016. He recorded this video to ask his MP, Nick Boles, not to vote Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal and to allow the public to have their say through a People’s Vote.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit — Ramping up the rhetoric...

4 min read
Trying to conjure up support from just one section of the electorate in an attempt to save your political party from annihilation at the next general election is quite frankly disgraceful, Andy Martin writes.

Anti-democratic? Not in my opinion.

4 min read
At their annual party conference in Bournemouth this week, the Lib Dems voted to change policy and revoke Article 50 if they win the next General Election. Andy Martin explains why, as a Leave voter who changed his mind, he supports the idea.

So, where exactly are we?...

3 min read
Andy Martin on the Brexit chaos since Boris Johnson took over in Number 10 and where it is likely to lead the country to next.

Open Letter to Brexiters — Look again at why you want to leave.

4 min read
Andy Martin asks Brexiters to look again at the reasons they want Britain to leave the EU and to consider issues they may not have considered before that could destroy the UK.
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