Andy Martin

Andy Martin

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  • Stamford, England.
Voted Leave in 2016. Remainer Now. One of the 52 who became one of the 48.

Open Letter to Remainers — The real fight starts now!

3 min read
Some Remainers are tired of fighting and can’t see how to stop Brexit with Boris Johnson in Number 10. Remember, Britain didn’t vote for no-deal in the first place. Don’t give up now!

I changed my mind on Brexit — From one of the 52, I am now one of the 48.

4 min read
Andy, from Stamford, a Eurosceptic for many years, voted Leave in 2016, but has since changed his mind after fact-checking the Brexiters’ claims. A Remainer Now, he would like to vote Remain in a new referendum.

The calm is over. Time for the storm.

3 min read
Andy Martin believes Boris Johnson is anything but the man who will “deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn”. This is why...

The whole No-Deal thing... It is extreme; it is crazy; it is just madness!

2 min read
Andy Martin on struggling to understand why some Leavers want a No-Deal Brexit at any cost, regardless of the consequences for the country.

#RemainerNow — Possibly the most important Pro-EU movement.

3 min read
More and more regretful Leave voters are joining the #RemainerNow movement and calling for a People’s Vote. This is only possible because of Remainers who are taking the time to listen, to understand and to engage with them.

Brexit — He is not giving up, and neither should we.

3 min read
He represents all of us with a passion for the best future for our country and our children. He represents the best of us. Many would agree to see him sit in Westminster...

I’m fighting for the right to change my mind. Not against Democracy.

4 min read
Democracy. This word seems to be the Brexiters’ weapon of choice at this point in the whole Brexit saga. It is everywhere you look. News, radio, TV. Even on leaflets posted through your door.
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