Ben Booth

Ben Booth

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  • Los Angeles, USA
British, currently living in the USA and viewing British politics with nearly as much alarm as the US version.

Trump. Outrage isn’t working.🔷

4 min read
An argument to begin ignoring Donald Trump, as without continued media amplification, he would be left screaming into a void.

Regulating guns in America. If not now, when?🔷

6 min read
Take away the guns, take away the gun violence. Have an amnesty, do a buyback, limit seriously the kinds of guns that are available. Americans, not being preternaturally disposed to violence should find that there are fewer killings as a result.

Donald Trump’s real agenda.🔷

7 min read
Over the past nine months, the only strategic current running consistently through President Donald Trump’s agenda is trashing his predecessor’s legacy.

Las Vegas. Another mass shooting in America.🔷

3 min read
What does someone living in the United States do when a mass shooting like the one in Las Vegas happens?

The heart of a community.

3 min read
The story of a pub in the centre of Lancaster that, while it’s not going to reverse the effects of austerity on the town, offers hope. Hope, in a sense, of a new way of living within the confines of a new, poorer reality.

The language of Brexit: From the fanatical to the inane.🔷

8 min read
How politicians do and do not talk about Brexit has huge implications and can be worrying. The fanatical talk of Johnson for its disturbing fervour, and the inane platitudes of May for the vacuum it leaves.
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