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  • Jamaica Plain, MA, USA
I work. I write. Sometimes I get props for doing both. Sometimes I get paid. Now I have a book from FootHills Publishing.

Tiger King and the other virus Trump helped to spread.

6 min read
Joe Exotic and the other Trump-related pandemic.

Coronavirus β€” Why thinking β€œThey should work anyway!” is wrong.

4 min read
Americans, keep your eyes and ears open to learn about the type of system that values people getting back to work and to restart the economy while holding no regard for anyone who might die from the coronavirus pandemic.

My epidemic diary.

3 min read
The Trump supporters feed on the chaos. They love how it affects the less devoted around them. It feeds fears, makes people lash out, even if it is to prepare without knowing what to do.

Grit your teeth, America! The bully pulpit is here to stay.

4 min read
Have you ever seen a bully get their comeuppance? I have, even before recent events. It is not as satisfying as one might think.

Whistleblowers blown to bits.

3 min read
It has come out that Trump had known all about the whistleblower, which likely led to him unfreezing aid for the Ukraine.

Why it’s even more obvious that Saturday Night Live won’t save America.

5 min read
SNL was the original show made for YouTube before there was even an internet. I have to tell you that SNL has not aged well.

Trump is circling his tanks.

4 min read
Normal politicians build their base. Trump is methodically building his own personal army.
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