Charlie Mullins OBE

Charlie Mullins OBE

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  • London, UK.
British businessman and Pimlico Plumbers CEO.

Everyone is being impacted by the crisis, and business owners are no different.

3 min read
It is often said that being an entrepreneur is one of the loneliest endeavours. In this current situation, that has never been truer. However, we can’t let that be the case if we are going to come out of this stronger.

Recession — An unavoidable fact of life if we get railroaded into a no-deal Brexit.

2 min read
Charlie Mullins on why Boris Johnson must avoid a no-deal to prevent a recession at all costs, or it might well spell the end of his premiership.

Jo Swinson and the Lib Dems, a power for good in our democracy.

2 min read
Charlie Mullins on Jo Swinson, “the new leader of Her Majesty’s true opposition”.

Why I am supporting Boris Johnson... even though I am still a Remainer.

3 min read
Charlie Mullins today explains why he thinks Boris Johnson is the best Tory candidate to become the next prime minister.

The post-Bollocks to Brexit era is coming...

4 min read
On Theresa May’s Brexit curse, the endless Tory leadership and the Lib Dems’ remontada to stop Brexit.

Brexit Party vs anti-Brexit TIG — What the fuss?

2 min read
Charlie Mullins on fighting the horror sight of Nigel Farage all over our screens again during the European Election campaign.

Theresa May must vacate Number 10 if we are to have any chance of solving the Brexit debacle!

2 min read
Charlie Mullins on why he thinks Theresa May must now go and give way to a caretaker Prime Minister to fix Brexit with a People’s Vote.
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