Chris Kendall

Chris Kendall

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  • Remainia, Brussels, & Chunnel.
A European civil servant (a ‘eurocrat’) of British & German heritage. Maker of EU foreign policy & spätzle. Co-hosts of @cakewatchcast. Writing in personal capacity.

Can we spare a thought for the victims of Priti Patel’s bullying?

2 min read
Imagine being bullied at work, then being told it is no big deal, unintentional even, and eventually seeing the bully being protected. That’s happening right now at the highest level of power!

I am European, proud and I reject Brexit.

4 min read
Chris Kendall shares with us his beautiful family story to reject the primitive, divisive and disgusting anti-German sentiments politicians like Mark Francois still dare to express on live TV in 2019.

Aggressive intimidation versus lawful protest. Do not tell me I am making the wrong choice.

3 min read
By rewarding the aggression of thugs who threaten Westminster and democracy, government ministers and Brexiters are saying Remainers’ anger doesn’t count.
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