Dr Christopher Kirkland

Dr Christopher Kirkland

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  • Yorkshire, UK.
Lecturer in Politics, York St John University. Taught on a number of courses at different institutions, covering British politics, comparative politics and political economy.

Post-coronavirus economic thinking could go one of two ways in the UK.

5 min read
The crisis could provide the perfect reason for the Conservatives to expand the state to appeal to their new voter base. But they might also head in the opposite direction.

How important is turnout in a UK election? The recent actions of the parties give you a good idea.

4 min read
Britain is once again going to the polls and encouraging people to vote may be as important as asking them to vote for a particular party.

The UK’s 2019 election cannot be a re-run of the 2017 campaign.

4 min read
Voters want answers on Brexit – but they also want to talk about Brexit less. So keeping the discussion focused is vital.
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