Christopher Stafford

Christopher Stafford

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  • Nottingham, UK.
Chris is a Doctoral Researcher in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham, and is affiliated with the Centre for British Politics, the NICEP and REPRESENT.

Labour’s Brexit policy explained.

3 min read
After years on the fence, Labour now has a position on the biggest topic of the day.

General Election is on — How it happened and what to expect now.

4 min read
This election is a big gamble for everyone involved. Anything short of a Tory majority could see the opposition parties band together to frustrate the Conservatives and perhaps even form a coalition.

UK General Election — When and how could it happen?

3 min read
MPs blocked the prime minister’s motion to hold an election – but that doesn’t mean they don’t want one.

No-deal Brexit — Does latest parliamentary vote make it less likely?

3 min read
MPs opposed to a no-deal Brexit have won a small victory in parliament – but what does it mean?

Boris Johnson by numbers — The next UK prime minister’s career summed up.

5 min read
Journalist, MP, London mayor, Johnson has left a trail of destruction in his wake.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt will compete to become the UK’s next prime minister – But could either win an election?

5 min read
Conservative members will now vote on which of the two candidates will become their party leader – and the prime minister. But will the winner connect with the average voter?

Theresa May loses another Brexit vote – Is it time she just gave up?

6 min read
A last minute meeting with the EU couldn’t save her universally detested deal. Now there’s less than three weeks to Brexit – and no one knows what to do.
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