Professor Danny Dorling

Professor Danny Dorling

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  • Oxford, UK.
Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford. His work concerns issues of housing, health, employment, education, wealth and poverty.

Census 2021 will reveal how a year of lockdowns and furlough has transformed the UK.

5 min read
Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we know less about the shape and size of our society than we have for decades.

Coronavirus: Is the cure worse than the disease? The most divisive question of 2020.

5 min read
We would have to know how many people would die of other causes that would not have otherwise occurred to determine the point at which particular policies were taking more lives than they were saving.

Why are coronavirus rates rising in some areas of England and not others?

5 min read
Areas with the highest levels of mortality in the first wave do not show a significant resurgence of cases this time around. But why?

Coronavirus: Why aren’t death rates rising with case numbers?

5 min read
Eventually, mortality rates from COVID-19 will fall as the proportion of people who have had the disease rises.

Coronavirus: How the current number of people dying in the UK compares to the past decade.

5 min read
In the eight weeks before the first person with COVID-19 died in the UK mortality rates had been mercifully low.
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