Dr David Courtney

Dr David Courtney

Total 3 Posts
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Postdocotoral Research Fellow in Molecular Virology, Queen's University Belfast.

Coronavirus variants: Are they really more deadly? Here’s what we know so far.

5 min read
How concerned should we be about the new variants of coronavirus that are arising in places such as the UK, South Africa and Brazil? Are they more lethal or more transmissible than the original virus?

How to keep COVID-safe this Christmas.

4 min read
Two virologists give practical advice for reducing your exposure to COVID-19 this Christmas.

Man with flu-COVID infection found in the US – But he is not the first.

3 min read
There have been many reports of co-infection with influenza and COVID-19, but we still don’t have the full picture.
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